Friday, May 24, 2019

The flags are flying!

From Rhawn to Unruh, and around the entire Lincoln Loop, the flags are flying!

We set a goal to have them all installed by Memorial Day weekend, and our volunteers worked very hard to accomplish that goal. We did it! We installed just shy of 150 American flags! PROPS to the neighbors who saw us coming, and moved their cars so that we could get a ladder up and install a flag at those locations. Thank you!

This project was funded entirely through your donations. If you donated money towards the Mayfair Civic Association's American Flag Project, take a ride around and you can see exactly where your money was spent. They look awesome ... Thank you!

We typically put the flags up before Memorial Day, and leave them up until Veterans Day when we take them down to preserve them during the winter months, however we were able to purchase Commercial Grade American Flags this time, so we are hopeful that we can now leave them up year round. We have also lowered each every one of our flags in hopes of keeping them from getting tangled in the wires.

This is an ongoing project, and flags will become tattered and will need to be replaced. If you enjoy the flags and would like to continue to see them flying in Mayfair, please visit the website, "click" the American flag, and make a donation. Every penny helps!

Thank you, and Happy Memorial Day Mayfair!
Donny Smith
Mayfair Civic Association

"Mayfair - 
 An Awesome Place to Live!"

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