Monday, October 01, 2018

It's that time of year again ... It's time for the Mayfair Civic Association's "2018 Mayfair Halloween Decoration Contest"!
Working in conjunction with the Mayfair Business Association, the Mayfair Civic Association will be giving away prizes and the coveted "2018 Mayfair Halloween Decoration Contest Winner" lawn signs to the Best Decorated Homes and Businesses in Mayfair!
Prizes will be awarded in the following Three (3) Categories:
Category 1 - Top 3 Best Decorated Corners, Singles or Twin Homes in Mayfair
Category 2 - Top 3 Best Decorated Rowhomes in Mayfair
Category 3 - Top 3 Best Decorated Businesses in Mayfair
This Contest is open to all residents and businesses of Mayfair who either currently are, or hopefully will become Mayfair Civic Association Members in the future.
How it works:
• Starting on October 1st you can nominate your home, or a neighbor's home that you feel best captures the spirit of Halloween.
• Nominations can be submitted via Facebook on the Mayfair Civic Association Facebook page, or you can email the nomination to
• Nominations will be added to our "2018 Mayfair Halloween Decoration Contest Google Map" so that everyone can take a tour of Mayfair and see the eerie entries for themselves. The Map will be posted shortly after the entries begin to come in, and it will updated daily on Facebook as well as the website.
• As a courtesy to our surrounding neighbors who live outside of the Mayfair Civic Association borders and are ineligible to win the contest, we will be more than happy to include your home on the Contest Map so that visitors to Mayfair can stop by and enjoy your decorations as well!
• Scare up the outside of your house with all things Halloween, and throughout the week of October 15th - 21st, our judges will be cruising around looking for the Scariest / Spookiest / Best Decorated homes and businesses in Mayfair!
• Prizes will be awarded to the 6 homes in Mayfair (and 3 businesses) that best capture the Spirit of Halloween!
• On Wednesday October 24th, our Contest winners will be announced, and prizes generously donated by our Mayfair Business Association Members along with the "2018 Mayfair Halloween Decoration Contest Winner" lawn signs beautifully created by Aztec Signs will be delivered that evening.
The Rules
1. All entries must reside within the Mayfair Civic Association boundaries (found on
2. All addresses and displays must be clearly visible from the street! (If your address isn't easily visible from the street, your home may be overlooked by our judges)
3. All nominations must include an address including the street name. Also, please indicate if your nomination is a Single, Twin, Corner, Row, or Business
4. All entries MUST leave their decorations lit until 11pm
5. The DEADLINE to submit a nomination for the contest is Monday October 15th at 6:00pm
This contest is a team effort, and without the hard work of the Mayfair Civic Association, the Mayfair Business Association, the Mayfair Business Improvement District, and our neighbors in Mayfair who go all out during the Halloween season, it would not be possible ... PROPS to you all!
Together we can ensure that Mayfair continues to be a great place to visit, and an awesome place to live!
To join the Mayfair Civic Association, please visit
To join the Mayfair Business Association, please visit

Donny Smith
Mayfair Civic Association

"Mayfair - 
 An Awesome Place to Live!"


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