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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

TONIGHT in Mayfair!


TONIGHT in Mayfair beginning at 7pm, several of the judges in the Mayfair Civic Association's "2016 Mayfair Christmas Decoration Contest" will be boarding the Ashburner Inn bus, and will begin touring Mayfair and scoring this year's entries.

• If your home has been nominated, please make sure that your address is clearly visible from the street, and that your decorations remain lit until 11pm

• With almost 150 nominations in the Contest, it will take a while to score each entry and the judge's scores may or may not be influenced with milk, cookies, or miscellaneous other beverages or treats.

• On Tuesday December 20th, the Top 10 in each category will be announced, and on Wednesday December 21st, our Winners will be announced. Later that evening, Contest Officials will be delivering the one of the kind "2016 Mayfair Decoration Contest Winner" lawn signs, along with prizes generously donated by our Mayfair Business Association Members.

Prizes for both the "2016 Mayfair Halloween Decoration Contest" and the "2016 Mayfair Christmas Decoration Contest" have been generously donated by (in alphabetical order):

  • The Ashburner Inn
  • Aztec Signs
  • Bellalisa Hair Studio
  • The Grey Lodge Pub
  • Cottman Beverages
  • Deer Meadows Home Health Care
  • The Inkwell 215 Custom Tattoo Studio
  • Infinity Jewelers
  • The Perzel Insurance Agency
  • Pub36
  • Sharon Owens State Farm
  • Torresdale Flowers

Please show them your support, and please thank them for everything that they do for you, for your family, and for your community.

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