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Friday, September 23, 2016

Local Schools - Questions and Answers

Local Schools - Questions and Answers

Many of you have asked several questions pertaining to Austin Meehan, Lincoln, and Father Judge High School during our Civic Meetings and otherwise. Below please find the answers to those questions that I was able to obtain through Councilman Henon's office, the 15th District, and the School District of Philadelphia

  • Q: What (if any) are the school uniform colors of Austin Meehan? 
  • A: Navy blue shirt, tan pants.

    1. Q: What (if any) are the school uniform colors of Lincoln HS? 
    2. A: Gold shirt, black pants.

      1. Q: What (if any) are the school uniform colors of Father Judge? 
      2. A: Blue shirt, gray pants.

        1. Q: Are the students required to wear the uniforms coming and going to school?  
          A: They have to wear uniforms for the school day; however it is not required to wear uniforms folllowing dismissal from school.

          Q: What exactly can the school police do / not do, and where exactly do their boundaries begin and end. 
          A:  The school police boundaries begin and end at the school (inside and out of the school grounds). School police can detain students, and the PPD (Philadelphia Police Department) will prepare the paperwork and transport the prisoner to the detective bureau for processing - School Police are the complainants.

          Q: Is there anyone other than 911 to call should issues arise on school grounds after school hours? (examples given - vandalism, loitering, fireworks, etc) 
          A: No. PPD is the only department that will respond to these incidents.

          Q: What are the timelines (begin of school day and end of school day) for each school? What should reidents do if students are spotted outside of the school area during those timelines.  
          A: Call 911 if students are spotted between 9:00am and 1:00pm. PPD can stop juveniles for daytime curfew (Truant) and a code violation could be issued to the parent. PPD confiscates the student's ID and turns the ID over to that school's police. The student's ID is returned when they go back to school and taken to the school's administrator's office by school police. 

          Q: How many School Police are located at each school? 
          A: Lincoln H.S. has (8) , Austin Meehan has (2) , Fr. Judge (0) school police officers assigned

          Q: What are the hours of operation of the School Police? 

          Q: Are there any Philadelphia Police located at each school, and if so, how many at each location? 
          A: Yes. (2) PDD officers cover Lincoln and Meehan. Fr. Judge is located in the 8th district. The 8th district has (1) PPD officer that is not assigned to any school but goes to the schools when needed.

          Q: What was the outcome of the incident at Lincoln (student / teacher fight)?  
          A: The student was charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, and REAP.

          More information on School Uniforms scan be found here: Uniform Colors - The School District of Philadelphia

          More information on School Police policy and procedures can be found here: Policies & Procedures - The School District of Philadelphia