Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Thank you the Gresh Family

Yesterday the Mayfair Civic Association received a special note and a generous check from Jim Gresh in Honor of his mother due to her neighborhood pride.  It was a very nice surprise and assure the money will be put to good use.  Thank you Gresh family. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Oktoberfest Saturday October 3rd at 11am at Cottman and Frankford Aves.

This year we will host our 2nd Annual Mayfair Oktoberfest.  Festivities will be held on Saturday October 3rd at Cottman and Frankford Aves starting at 11am.  We will have German-American food, a Biergarten, vendors, entertainment, music and more!
Participants include Grey Lodge Pub, Hop Angel Brauhaus, Dietz & Watson Sausages, Holmesburg Bakery, Haegele’s Bakery, Jaelyn’s Lil Bit of Everything ,Live and German Music, and other local vendors!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mayfair Civic Assoc. Meeting Monday 7PM (AGENDA)

Mayfair Civic Association Meeting

Monday September 21st 2015 - 7pm - Mayfair Community Center


 Pledge of Allegiance - (Please silence all cell phones)

Vice President - Kevin Leonard

Secretary - Michael Serverson 

Treasurer / Clean Up / Membership Chair - Jim Ortlieb

Sgt. at Arms - A moment of silence to remember John Jenkins

Asst. Sgt. at Arms - Joe Conboy 

Legal Counsel / CDC / Zoning Chair - Joe DeFelice

Asst. Zoning Chair - Dan Collins 

Mayfair Business Assoc. - Lisa Greco

Mayfair Memorial Playground Co. Chairs - Dana Lambie, Mia Hylan, & Melinda Mulvenna

Announcements / Updates

 Membership - (Must reside within Civic boundaries) - $10 per year / $40 - 5 year / $100 - Lifetime 

Applications available at the rear or online at MayfairCivicAssociation.com

 Mayfair Community Development Corporation Update - Business Improvement District & Conservatorship 

 Mayfair Business Association Update - FREE trees courtesy of TreePhilly

Sunday Oct 11th at Grey Lodge Pub 10am-2pm - More info: mayfairbiz.com/trees.html

 Mayfair Memorial Playground Update - Spooktacular October 24th (rain 25th) 11am-1pm - $3 per child - Come 

 Mayfair Town Watch -They’re BACK! 

 Mayfair MAACO Car Show - Sunday Sept. 13th

 Mayfair Halloween Decoration Contest - beginning on October 5th – Prizes delivered October 28th

 Mayfair / Holmesburg Thanksgiving Parade - Sunday November 22nd at noon


1.  2119 McKinley st. - RESIDENTIAL – CONTINUED from August 3rd meeting

PERMIT for the ERECTION OF A DECK (size and location to be as shown in the application) Accessory to an 

attached two (2) story single family dwelling

Notes: The proposed use - A FRONT YARD DECK - is PROHIBITED in this Zoning District

2. 3100 Tyson ave. – COMMERCIAL

Applicant: Min Hu (Represented by Tom Citro)

PERMIT for the PERSONAL SERVICE ( MASSAGE ) on the FIRST FLOOR – In the same building as  

existing two (2) family household living on the second floor

Notes: The proposed use – PERSONAL SERVICE – Is PROHIBITED in this Zoning District

3. 7201-11 Frankford ave. – COMMERCIAL

Applicant: David Doresca (tenant)

Application is for a CHURCH (RELIGIOUS ASSEMBLY) in space 7207 on 1st floor 

Notes: The proposed use – RELIGIOUS ASSEMBLY – Requires a SPECIAL EXCEPTION approval in this 


Open Discussion


Current Members of the Mayfair Civic Association have the following three (3) voting options

1.     Opposed – Denying the applicant from getting zoning approval

2.     Not Opposed with Provisos – Granting permission for the applicant to gain zoning approval with Provisos 

(Detailed below which may be added to if necessary)

3.     Not Opposed – Granting the applicant zoning permission with No Provisos


Business / Commercial Provisos

1.       Join and maintain Membership within the Mayfair Business Association

2.       The outside of your establishment must be kept clean, maintained, graffiti free, and swept at all times

3.       Signage to be kept to a minimum  

 No nailing of banners to the walls

 No excessive signage in the windows (all windows should be easily seen through at all times) 

 Grand Opening signs, flags, garland, streamers etc to be removed within 30 days of store opening

4.       Add and maintain an outdoor trashcan

5.       Snow removal to be done within 6 hours of the storm, and during business hours

6.       Contact information (Name - Phone Number - Email) to be provided to the Mayfair Civic Association for the 

tenant, as well as the property owner / landlord, and property manager

7.       Notify the MCA and Mayfair Business Association that you are seeking new hires and hire within the 

1.     Join and maintain Membership with the Mayfair Civic Association

2.     The outside of your establishment must be kept clean, maintained, graffiti free, and swept at all times

3.     Snow removal to be done within 6 hours of the storm

4.     Contact information (Name - Phone Number - Email) to be provided to the Mayfair Civic Association for the 

owner, as well as property manager

Wrap Up - If anyone would like to get more involved with the Civic, we could use volunteers! Please introduce 

yourself after the meeting or via email (MayfairCivicAssociation@yahoo.com)

Facebook - "Like" us on Facebook to stay current - Mayfair Civic Association

Next Meeting – Monday November 16th 2015 – 7:30pm – Mayfair Community Center 

Please fold your chairs and place them along the wall before you leave

Thank You!



TONIGHT in the heart of Mayfair right at Cottman and Frankford, stop on out for Mayfair's own 3rd Thursday where you will encounter several different vendors peddling their wares, and you'll be entertained by the live music of the Dead Leeves from 5pm-9pm

Stop on out - It's a great night for the entire family, and it's another GREAT event happening right here in Mayfair!

Here is the lineup:
Updated List of Vendors for Third Thursday – Sept. 17
Mary's Mobile Diner

Gigi's Boys Italian Ice

Jaelyn's A Lil Bit of Everything

Grey Lodge Pub

Ryan McGill Photography

Helen's Crafts

Unique Creations by Melissa

Kathy's Kanine Kreations

Nancy's Tastefully Simple and Nancy's Crafts

Mackey's Hair Bows

Sand Art Express

Brianne Nicole Origami Owl

Krafts Buy Kathy

Barbara Xtreme Hot Dogs

Blessed Trinity Catholic School

31 Gifts by Heather

Tacony Gear

Jack Matisoff – Balloon Artist

Carol Matisoff – Face Painter Extraordinaire

Live Music by The Dead Leeves

See you there!

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Daily News: Mayfair Fights Blight 1 House at a Time

Mayfair fights blight 1 house at a time

Mayfair CDC Chairman Joseph DeFelice used Act 135 conservatorship law to turn this former eyesore into a beautiful new home. (DAN GERINGER/Daily News Staff)

THE DECAYING, vacant house on an otherwise nice residential block of Ryan Avenue near Leon Street haunted Joe DeFelice, chairman of the Mayfair Community Development Corporation, who lives and practices law in the neighborhood and serves as its hyper-vigilant watchdog.
"The house sat boarded up for two years," DeFelice said. "There was a fire. There were squatters in there. The place was ransacked. It was disgusting.
"My mom lives nearby," he said. "I work a block away. I live in the neighborhood. Every day, I drive down the 3400 block of Ryan Avenue to work. So for me, this was a no-brainer."
DeFelice spent two years turning the neighborhood nightmare into the sunny, three-bedroom dream home - complete with new house smell - that went on the market in July for $150,000 and just sold.
DeFelice used the little-known Act 135 conservatorship law that state Rep. John Taylor authored in 2008.
The three strikes against the Ryan Avenue eyesore - vacant with a non-responsive owner, blighted, delinquent taxes - enabled the Mayfair CDC to take legal conservatorship of the property, gut it, completely rebuild it, sell it and recoup all costs.
Walking around the beautiful interior that is bathed in natural light streaming through the windows, DeFelice said that key players in the rebirth were community people, like himself.
"Jen Curran, the Realtor, lives two blocks away," he said. "Ray Brogden, the architect, grew up on the next block of Ryan Avenue.
"We needed a local contractor willing to fund the cost and get paid when the house was sold," DeFelice said.
"There are not a lot of local contractors who can do that. John Parsons and BSI Construction were willing to do it."
DeFelice said he was grateful for the involvement of "the pioneers of the conservatorship movement," nonprofit rehabbers Scioli Turco Inc.
DeFelice first used Act 135 in 2011 to rid Sheffield Street near Frankford Avenue of a longtime nuisance house.
"The owners boarded up the windows and doors but painted the boards to look like blinds" which created the illusion of occupancy, DeFelice said.
"But over time," he said, "the boards started to fall off, and rodents and birds started living there."
When DeFelice began the Act 135 legal process of taking over the house, he had to worry about neighbors who cared so much about their block, they were doing the negligent, absentee owners' work.
"We had to tell the neighbors to stop mowing the lawn, stop planting flowers in the flower beds, and just let the blight happen," DeFelice said.
As the conservatorship action proceeded, the absentee owners suddenly became responsive, rehabbed the house, sold it and made the block whole again.
Encouraged by two conservatorship successes, DeFelice said he and the Mayfair CDC are looking to use Act 135 to rehab other nuisance properties on otherwise strong residential blocks.
DeFelice agreed with Taylor's district office manager, attorney Marc Collazzo, who said, "Conservatorship is a good way to combat blight one house at a time."

Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/news/20150906_Mayfair_fights_blight_1_house_at_a_time.html#TojDF06tTMe3UGDu.99

3rd Annual Mayfair MAACO Car Show

Another GREAT event happening right here in Mayfair - THIS Sunday - Sept 13th!

Grab the kids, and come on up to the 3rd Annual Mayfair MAACO Car Show right on Frankford avenue at Sheffield!

The show runs from 9am-3pm, and there will also be food, music, games and prizes!

Do you have a classic car that you'd like to enter? 

Only $20 to enter with the proceeds going towards the Children's Miracle Network

It'll be a fun filled day for the entire family - See you there!
Donny Smith
Mayfair Civic Association

"Mayfair - 
 An Awesome Place to Live!"