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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Minutes from November Mayfair Civic Association Meeting (Pending Approval)

Meeting opened by President Donny Smith with the Pledge of Allegiance at 7:05 PM

Introduction of Officers – Donny Smith
President - Donny Smith
Vice President - Kevin Leonard
Secretary - Mike Serverson
Treasurer/Chair - Clean up Comm/Chair - Membership - Jim Ortlieb
Sgt. at Arms - John Jenkins
Legal Counsel/Zoning Chair/Mayfair CDC Rep - Joe DeFelice
Asst Legal Counsel - Mike Williams
Asst Sgt at Arms - Joe Conboy
Mayfair Bus. Assoc. Rep - Lisa Greco
Mayfair Townwatch Rep - Anna Stacey
Playground Comm Co-Chair - Melinda Mulvenna
Playground Comm Co-Chair - Dana Lambie

Treasurer’s Report – Jim Ortlieb
·         Account Balance as of November 2014 = $18,295.26
·         Current Balance - $17,754.58

Membership Update – Donny Smith
·         Renewals available for 2015 in the back of the meeting room - $10.00 for annual dues (January to December) $40.00 for 5 year / $100.00 Lifetime

Overlay on Frankford Ave – Donny Smith
·         Current restriction on Dollar Stores, Nail and Beauty Salons, etc. has expired.
·         Councilman Henon and MCA looking to Renew the Overlay

CDC Update – Joseph DeFelice
·         Successfully completed the Octoberfest and Stuben Day Parade Projects.
·         Farmers Market completed for 2014.
·         Mayfair Christmas Village and Tree Lighting scheduled for December 7.
·         Conservatorship Update
o    Property on 3400 Ryan Avenue is the second property to be rehabbed.
o    Architect and Agent are local business members.
o    Listing scheduled for February 2015 
·         Business Improvement District - Frankford Avenue
o    Meetings continue with local business owners
o    Steering Committee formed.

Mayfair Business Association (MBA) Update – Donny Smith/Lisa Greco
·         No Report

Town Watch Update – Milt Martelack
·         Dog Walkers Watch
o    Email being established for sign-up and communication.
o    Training – 1hr on observing criminal activity
·         Facebook page is being terminated and will be launched under a different title.

Playground Committee – Mia Hylan
·         Spooktacular on October 25, 2014 raised approximately $2500.00 for use in the Playground.
·         New fundraiser is a partnership with Modell’s Sporting Goods.
o    5% of total sales will be donated to the Playground between Black Friday and Christmas.
2014 Mayfair Halloween Decoration Contest – Donny Smith
·         Approximately forty (40) entries to the contest.
·         Google Map is made of all nomination locations.
·         Three contest winners
o    2800 Fanshaw
o    3345 Glenview
o    3251 Friendship

2014 Thanksgiving Day Parade – Donny Smith
·         Thirty-eighth Annual – Fifth parade coordinated by the MCA.
·         Scheduled for November 23, 2014 with 100 different applicants string band, fire engines, etc.
·         Performance area moved closer to Knorr St. to ease interruptions in the parade flow.

2014 Christmas Decoration Contest – Donny Smith
·         Create a display at your house
·         Nominations accepted via email (MayfairCivicAssociation@yahoo,com) or Mayfair Civic Association Facebook Page
·         Google Map is made of all nomination locations.
·         12 Judges begin the review on December 12, 2014.
·         Prizes Awarded on December 21, 2014.

Live Nativity – Donny Smith
·         Saturday, December 20, 2014 at Lambie Funeral Home
·         Time is 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

Moment of Silence for Scott Cummings – Joe DeFelice
·         Scott recently passed away in Florida
·         Scott was President of the MCA from 2001 to 2008.
·         All donations in Scott’s memory will; be to MCA

Zoning Committee – Joe DeFelice
·         Alonzo Coates – 2000 McKinley Street
o    Mr. Coates seeking a zoning variance to convert a pre-existing garage located behind a triplex into a commercial food prep kitchen.
o    Mr. Coates has two properties in the neighborhood and has been involved in the area for thirteen years.  Current tenant spoke in favor of the project.
o    Potential employment opportunity for one (1) full-time and two (2) part-time.
o    Kitchen area will be used by licensed caterers for food prep.
o    Architect presented the plans for the garage.
o    Discussion Centered on the following topics:
§  Rodent Issues
§  Trash Bins and Pickup
§  Hours of Operation
o    Membership Vote
§  Opposed – 1
§  Not Opposed with Provisos – 20
§  Not Opposed – 0

·         Thomas Citro – 2901 Cottman Avenue
o    Seeking to convert from a single home to a duplex
o    Item was continued due to no fliers being distributed to neighbors announcing the issue with the MCA

Presentations –
·         Kevin Boyle
o    Introduced the new Pastor from St. Matthew, Fr. Slobgin
o    Methadone Clinic
§  No complaints to his office since opening.
§  Low volume of patients being treated due to no public funding
o    Harrisburg Update
§  Discussed the new political landscape in Pennsylvania
·         New Governor – Tom Wolf, Democrat
·         House & Senate now Republican controlled
§  Plan is to get work done for Mayfair despite potential gridlock
o    Took a question regarding fire department “Brown-outs
§  Rep. Boyle has spoken to Mayor Nutter and will continue to work with local officials on this issue.

·         John DiGiulio – Philadelphia Water Department Public Affairs
o    Capital Improvement Project – Replacement of Water Mains
§  Most water mains and infrastructure average 100 years old.
§  Contractor – Seravalli Construction Company
§  Project Boundaries
·         Harbison Ave from Magee Ave to Hellerman St.
·         Revere St. from Magee Ave to Unruh Ave
·         Farnsworth Ave from Robbins St to Levick St
·         Revere St from Levick St to Devereaux Ave
·         Robbins St from Revere St to Mershon St
·         Cardiff St from Robbins St to Devereaux Ave

Open Discussion -
·         DeSimone Auto Dealer Garage is open with activity after dark – referred to Lisa Deeley from City Councilman Henon.

Meeting Sign-in Sheet Totals
·         32 people signed-in (48 in attendance)

Adjourned – 8:45 PM

Next Mayfair Civic Association Meeting-Monday, January 26, 2015-7:00 PM.–Mayfair Community Ctr.  

Submitted By:

Michael J. Serverson
Secretary – Mayfair Civic Association

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