Monday, January 26, 2015

Tonight's Mayfair Civic Meeting Cancelled

We have been informed by the City of Philadelphia that all non essential services will be closed at 2pm today and that includes the Rec Center Staff thereby closing the Mayfair Community Center.  In lieu of such, tonight's meeting of the Mayfair Civic Association is cancelled.  Please check back as to when the Zoning portions will be rescheduled.  We look to see you at our next regularly scheduled meeting at our Candidates Night on March 16, 2015.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mayfair Civic Association Meeting (Monday January 26, 2015 7PM @ Mayfair Community Center)

Mayfair Civic Association Meeting
Monday January 26th 2014 - 7pm - Mayfair Community Center
  • Pledge of Allegiance - (Please silence all cell phones)
  • Officers Present
President - Donny Smith 
Vice President - Kevin Leonard
Secretary - Michael Serverson 
Treasurer / Clean Up / Membership Chair - Jim Ortlieb
Sgt. at Arms - John Jenkins
Asst. Sgt. at Arms - Joe Conboy 
Legal Counsel / CDC / Zoning Chair - Joe DeFelice
Asst. Zoning Chair - Dan Collins 
Mayfair Business Assoc. - Lisa Greco
Mayfair Memorial Playground Co. Chairs - Dana Lambie, Mia Hylan, & Melinda Mulvenna
  • Treasurer's Report
Announcements / Updates
  • Membership - (Must reside within Civic boundaries) - $10 per year / $40 - 5 year / $100 - Lifetime - Applications available at the rear or online at
  • Mayfair Community Development Corporation Update - Business Improvement District
  • Mayfair Overlay Update - Rezoning
  • Mayfair Business Association Update - Fiddlers Green - Steve's Bug Off Butterfly Exhibit
  • Mayfair Town Watch Update + Dog Walker Watch Program
  • Mayfair Memorial Playground Update - Easter Egg Hunt Saturday March 21st (rain date 22nd)
  • Mayfair Christmas Decoration Contest - Winners - 7411 Brous - 7816 Lexington - 3513 Shelmire - Thanks to Mayfair Business Association for prize donations!
  • Knights Foundation Grant - Celebration Statue
  • Shamrock Shuttle
1.  Thomas Citro - 2901 Cottman ave. - To convert from a single family home to a duplex. 

Current Members of the Mayfair Civic Association have the following three (3) voting options
1.     Opposed – Denying the applicant from getting zoning approval
2.     Not Opposed with Provisos – Granting permission for the applicant to gain zoning approval with Provisos (Detailed below which may be added to if necessary)
3.     Not Opposed – Granting the applicant zoning permission with No Provisos

Business / Commercial Provisos
1.       Join and maintain Membership within the Mayfair Business Association
2.       The outside of your establishment must be kept clean, maintained, graffiti free, and swept at all times
3.       Signage to be kept to a minimum  
  • No nailing of banners to the walls
  • No excessive signage in the windows (all windows should be easily seen through at all times) 
  • Grand Opening signs, flags, garland, streamers etc to be removed within 30 days of store opening
4.       Add and maintain an outdoor trashcan
5.       Snow removal to be done within 6 hours of the storm, and during business hours
6.       Contact information (Name - Phone Number - Email) to be provided to the Mayfair Civic Association for the tenant, as well as the property owner / landlord, and property manager
7.       Notify the MCA and Mayfair Business Association that you are seeking new hires and hire within the community if possible

Residential Provisos 
1.     Join and maintain Membership with the Mayfair Civic Association
2.     The outside of your establishment must be kept clean, maintained, graffiti free, and swept at all times
3.     Snow removal to be done within 6 hours of the storm
4.     Contact information (Name - Phone Number - Email) to be provided to the Mayfair Civic Association for the owner, as well as property manager

1.  Spencer Marte - PGW Energy Sense Program

Open Discussion

Wrap Up - If anyone would like to get more involved with the Civic, we could use volunteers! Please introduce yourself after the meeting or via email - Thank you!
Facebook - "Like" us on Facebook to stay current - Mayfair Civic Association

Next Meeting - Monday March 16 th - 7pm - Mayfair Community Center


Minutes from November Mayfair Civic Association Meeting (Pending Approval)

Meeting opened by President Donny Smith with the Pledge of Allegiance at 7:05 PM

Introduction of Officers – Donny Smith
President - Donny Smith
Vice President - Kevin Leonard
Secretary - Mike Serverson
Treasurer/Chair - Clean up Comm/Chair - Membership - Jim Ortlieb
Sgt. at Arms - John Jenkins
Legal Counsel/Zoning Chair/Mayfair CDC Rep - Joe DeFelice
Asst Legal Counsel - Mike Williams
Asst Sgt at Arms - Joe Conboy
Mayfair Bus. Assoc. Rep - Lisa Greco
Mayfair Townwatch Rep - Anna Stacey
Playground Comm Co-Chair - Melinda Mulvenna
Playground Comm Co-Chair - Dana Lambie

Treasurer’s Report – Jim Ortlieb
·         Account Balance as of November 2014 = $18,295.26
·         Current Balance - $17,754.58

Membership Update – Donny Smith
·         Renewals available for 2015 in the back of the meeting room - $10.00 for annual dues (January to December) $40.00 for 5 year / $100.00 Lifetime

Overlay on Frankford Ave – Donny Smith
·         Current restriction on Dollar Stores, Nail and Beauty Salons, etc. has expired.
·         Councilman Henon and MCA looking to Renew the Overlay

CDC Update – Joseph DeFelice
·         Successfully completed the Octoberfest and Stuben Day Parade Projects.
·         Farmers Market completed for 2014.
·         Mayfair Christmas Village and Tree Lighting scheduled for December 7.
·         Conservatorship Update
o    Property on 3400 Ryan Avenue is the second property to be rehabbed.
o    Architect and Agent are local business members.
o    Listing scheduled for February 2015 
·         Business Improvement District - Frankford Avenue
o    Meetings continue with local business owners
o    Steering Committee formed.

Mayfair Business Association (MBA) Update – Donny Smith/Lisa Greco
·         No Report

Town Watch Update – Milt Martelack
·         Dog Walkers Watch
o    Email being established for sign-up and communication.
o    Training – 1hr on observing criminal activity
·         Facebook page is being terminated and will be launched under a different title.

Playground Committee – Mia Hylan
·         Spooktacular on October 25, 2014 raised approximately $2500.00 for use in the Playground.
·         New fundraiser is a partnership with Modell’s Sporting Goods.
o    5% of total sales will be donated to the Playground between Black Friday and Christmas.
2014 Mayfair Halloween Decoration Contest – Donny Smith
·         Approximately forty (40) entries to the contest.
·         Google Map is made of all nomination locations.
·         Three contest winners
o    2800 Fanshaw
o    3345 Glenview
o    3251 Friendship

2014 Thanksgiving Day Parade – Donny Smith
·         Thirty-eighth Annual – Fifth parade coordinated by the MCA.
·         Scheduled for November 23, 2014 with 100 different applicants string band, fire engines, etc.
·         Performance area moved closer to Knorr St. to ease interruptions in the parade flow.

2014 Christmas Decoration Contest – Donny Smith
·         Create a display at your house
·         Nominations accepted via email (MayfairCivicAssociation@yahoo,com) or Mayfair Civic Association Facebook Page
·         Google Map is made of all nomination locations.
·         12 Judges begin the review on December 12, 2014.
·         Prizes Awarded on December 21, 2014.

Live Nativity – Donny Smith
·         Saturday, December 20, 2014 at Lambie Funeral Home
·         Time is 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

Moment of Silence for Scott Cummings – Joe DeFelice
·         Scott recently passed away in Florida
·         Scott was President of the MCA from 2001 to 2008.
·         All donations in Scott’s memory will; be to MCA

Zoning Committee – Joe DeFelice
·         Alonzo Coates – 2000 McKinley Street
o    Mr. Coates seeking a zoning variance to convert a pre-existing garage located behind a triplex into a commercial food prep kitchen.
o    Mr. Coates has two properties in the neighborhood and has been involved in the area for thirteen years.  Current tenant spoke in favor of the project.
o    Potential employment opportunity for one (1) full-time and two (2) part-time.
o    Kitchen area will be used by licensed caterers for food prep.
o    Architect presented the plans for the garage.
o    Discussion Centered on the following topics:
§  Rodent Issues
§  Trash Bins and Pickup
§  Hours of Operation
o    Membership Vote
§  Opposed – 1
§  Not Opposed with Provisos – 20
§  Not Opposed – 0

·         Thomas Citro – 2901 Cottman Avenue
o    Seeking to convert from a single home to a duplex
o    Item was continued due to no fliers being distributed to neighbors announcing the issue with the MCA

Presentations –
·         Kevin Boyle
o    Introduced the new Pastor from St. Matthew, Fr. Slobgin
o    Methadone Clinic
§  No complaints to his office since opening.
§  Low volume of patients being treated due to no public funding
o    Harrisburg Update
§  Discussed the new political landscape in Pennsylvania
·         New Governor – Tom Wolf, Democrat
·         House & Senate now Republican controlled
§  Plan is to get work done for Mayfair despite potential gridlock
o    Took a question regarding fire department “Brown-outs
§  Rep. Boyle has spoken to Mayor Nutter and will continue to work with local officials on this issue.

·         John DiGiulio – Philadelphia Water Department Public Affairs
o    Capital Improvement Project – Replacement of Water Mains
§  Most water mains and infrastructure average 100 years old.
§  Contractor – Seravalli Construction Company
§  Project Boundaries
·         Harbison Ave from Magee Ave to Hellerman St.
·         Revere St. from Magee Ave to Unruh Ave
·         Farnsworth Ave from Robbins St to Levick St
·         Revere St from Levick St to Devereaux Ave
·         Robbins St from Revere St to Mershon St
·         Cardiff St from Robbins St to Devereaux Ave

Open Discussion -
·         DeSimone Auto Dealer Garage is open with activity after dark – referred to Lisa Deeley from City Councilman Henon.

Meeting Sign-in Sheet Totals
·         32 people signed-in (48 in attendance)

Adjourned – 8:45 PM

Next Mayfair Civic Association Meeting-Monday, January 26, 2015-7:00 PM.–Mayfair Community Ctr.  

Submitted By:

Michael J. Serverson
Secretary – Mayfair Civic Association