Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Letter from President Donny Smith

In a recent article, Carol McCann, a realtor from ReMax Millenium offices, was attempting to sell houses and stated that Bensalem was "a step up from Mayfair" and that Bensalem as a whole "is an improvement over Philadelphia."

While we respect Ms. McCann's ability to express her opinion, we can't help but feel it's a desperate attempt at scare tactics to sell in a down market. Those of us who choose to remain in Mayfair don't appreciate the constant barrage of negativity that comes from several independent ReMax offices which started with Dennis Kulp and ReMax Eastern's blatant disrespect of the Mayfair and Holmesburg neighborhood.

We do understand the reasons people move out of Philadelphia; we are not blind to the changes in our neighborhood and our city as a whole, however many of us choose to stay and work to improve the neighborhood where we have family history, strong ties and a sense of civic responsibility. We do not disparage those citizens who have chosen to leave an area for their own personal reasons. It would not be fair to judge different situations, just as we ask you not judge why we stay. 

If Ms. McCann was the seasoned and successful realtor she appears to be, she wouldn't feel the need to stoop to the negative, predatory, and sleazy tactics used by other realtors on a public forum such as and it's subsequent publications. Instead of looking to make several quick sales by mentioning Mayfair specifically, perhaps she should instead highlight the positives in whatever neighborhood or town she is listing or selling in. Why mention Mayfair specifically if not to personally target the area? She could have left it at "Philadelphia" and made her point.

Since it appears difficult for Carol McCann of ReMax Millennium and Dennis Kulp of ReMax Eastern to come up with any positives about the area, except of course their commission for the sales, here is a list that we came up with to help you with any of the remaining sales you may have in Mayfair:

Mayfair Civic Association
Mayfair Business Association
Mayfair Community Development Corporation
Mayfair Town Watch
Mayfair Clean-up Committee

Mayfair Fallen Heroes Run (over 25K raised so far)
Mayfair May-Fair
Mayfair Farmers Markets
Mayfair / Holmesburg Thanksgiving Parade (37th year)

Mayfair Memorial Playground Rebuild (working together as a Community!)
Mayfair Easter Egg Hunt
Mayfair Halloween Spooktacular
Mayfair Halloween Decoration Contest

Mayfair Christmas Decoration Contest (beginning this year)
Mayfair Christmas Village
Mayfair Christmas Tree Lighting
and finally
Pennypack Music Festival (16 Free concerts this year)

Mayfair and Philadelphia have many positives and we at the Mayfair Civic Association, Mayfair Town Watch, Mayfair Clean-up Committee and the Mayfair CDC are working hard as a community to continue to improve our neighborhood despite these negative attacks. We would appreciate it if when comparing Mayfair to any other community, all real estate agents in the future would mention the positive things going on in Mayfair and shine a positive light on our neighborhood instead of trying to bring it down. Please feel free to print this list out and hand it out to your agents as a reference for those who are selling in Mayfair to attract the types of neighbors with the same sense of neighborhood and civic pride that we have worked so hard to maintain.

Thank you,

Donny Smith
Mayfair Civic Association