Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Update on Methadone Clinic - Dennis Kulp

This is a voicemail (editted) we received, on July 26, 2011, from Dennis Kulp, owner of the property that houses the location proposed for the Healing Way Methadone Clinic.  "Hi Joe Dennis Kulp we had met and talked at the meeting at Kevin's office on Friday....[I met with] an attorney, Emmit Madden...he advised me not to attend that meeting [the community meeting held at Lincoln High School]...he advised me to kinda shut up and lay low...his plan is to institute some type of litigation to try to get the lease set aside and the only i can do is harm that ...i would have liked to come but the attorney recommends that i don't attend."

Coincidentally, at the hearing before the ZBA,  "Mr. Alan Yanovsky, the owner of record for the methadone clinic, in front of his attorney and 130 members of the community, testified under oath that Mr. Dennis Kulp, the owner-by-proxy of the building at 7900 Frankford Ave., was fully aware that his tenant (The Healing Way), is a methadone clinic." More here 

So, now we have a proposed methadone clinic and an applicant stating that Mr. Kulp fully knew what was going in at that location.  We also have a building owner stating that he could not come to our meeting because he was exploring litigation to get the lease set aside.  I am assuing that that litigation was unsucessful and that Mr. Kulp hopes that this issue goes away.  Mr. Kulp should realize that the people of Holmesburg and Mayfair will not just let it go away... we can only assume that he has been collecting rent on this property for the last 30 months.

Regardless, Mr. Kulp still currently owns the building that houses the Healing Way as well as his other business, ReMax Eastern.