Friday, April 12, 2013

More Equipment Headed to Mayfair Memorial Playground

Thanks to the hardwork of the Friends of Mayfair Memorial Playground, a committee of the Mayfair Civic Association, and their CoChairs Melinda Mulvenna and Dana Lambie along with their Vice Chair Mia Hylan on securing a $15,000 grant towards fitness equipment to be installed in the near future at the Mayfair Memorial Playground.  Much of the thanks should go to Hylan who did most of the grant writing grunt work; this equipment combined with other future improvements such as a toddler play apparatus, new fencing, new signage, general upkeep as well as a Badge of Honor will go a long way to making the Mayfair Memorial Playground the envy of neighborhood playgrounds in Philadelphia. The equipment will be centered around general fitness and agility based exercises.    Below is an excerpt of the email notifying us of our selection:

Congratulations! KaBOOM! and Dr Pepper Snapple Group would like to formally congratulate you on receiving Outdoor Fitness Equipment through theLet’s Play Improvement Grant program! Your community’s application and ability to impact even more children demonstrate the type of motivation and high potential for success that we look for in our grantees. We thank you for working to provide quality, fun and safe play opportunities for the children in your community.  

The Let’s Play Improvement Grants are made possible by Dr Pepper Snapple Group as part of its Let’s Play initiative to get kids and families active nationwide. Together, through Let's Play, Dr Pepper Snapple Group and KaBOOM! will build or fix up 2,000 playgrounds by the end of 2013, benefiting an estimated five million children across North America...

In play,

Joy Yoo
Alumni Network and Grants Manager
4301 Connecticut Ave. Suite ML-1
Washington, DC 20008


Unknown said...

Awesome!!! Glad it went through!!

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