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Monday, March 18, 2013

Mayfair Civic Association and Annual Candidates Night Agenda with Confirmed Candidates.

What: Mayfair Civic Association and Candidates Night
When: Monday March 18, 2013
Where: Mayfair Community Center (2990 St. Vincent St.)
Call to Order

Actual Value Initiative (AVI) Presentation -  Chris Creelman
Membership Update
Treasurer's Report
Zoning - Permit to Legalize Erection of 18' x 20', 2nd Story Addition - Shannon Mulhern 2706 Elbridge St.
Honoring Lisa Deeley
Methadone Clinic Update
Shamrock Shuttle
Mayfair Arts Initiative (Third Thursday, Avenue Art Project)
Mayfair Farmers' Market 2013 Update
Mayfair CDC Update--BID and BPT update
Mayfair Memorial Playground (at Lincoln High School) Update
Easter Egg Hunt
Mayfair Town Watch Update
Mayfair Clean-up Committee Update
Mayfair Dog Park Update
Mayfair May Fair and Mayfair Fallen Heroes Run (Chuck Cassidy)
Candidate Presentations
 - Confirmed 
     - District Attorney - Dan Alvarez (Rep.); 
     - City Controller - Alan Butkovitz (Dem.-Inc.), Brett Mandel (Dem.), Michael      
        Williams (Dem); Terry Tracy (Rep.).
     - Judge (Common Pleas/Municipal Court) Hon. Ken Powell, Hon. Fran Shields, Anne Marie Coyle, Michael Fanning, Dawn Tancredi, Christine Hope, Chris Mallios, Abbe Fletman, Martin Coleman,
     - Donna DeRose, Ella Butcher

Open Discussion

 Public Presentations
Laura Wagner--First Home Care, foster care agency located on the grounds of Friends Hospital (email sent for confirmation)

If you are a candidate and wish to present, please email

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