Friday, November 09, 2012

Capt Bachmayer to Leave 15th District/Capt John McCloskey to Lead

Capt Bachmayer has truly been a great friend to the citizens of Mayfair and will be missed; we hope to have the same relationship with Capt McCloskey.

Big Changes at Philly Police Department

The Philadelphia Police Department re-organized its core management team on Friday -- a move that Mayor Michael Nutter called "significant" because it would "strengthen the City's crime-fighting strategy." Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said the moves would streamline and strengthen the organization.
The department did have nine Deputy Commissioners and that number has been cut to five. Four Deputy Commissioners are retiring and only one is being replaced. The most significant promotion among the Deputy Commissioner rank is Denise Turpin. She was named the new Deputy Commissioner in charge of the Internal Affairs Office of Professional Responsibility. Turpin was a Staff Inspector with Internal Affairs.
"She has an outstanding reputation among the men and women of the Philadlephia police department and she will be exceptional in the role," Ramsey said.
A total of 36 command changes were made on Friday. Five of the city's six police divisions are getting new Inspectors.
Of the city's 26 police districts, seven are getting new Captains.
The following departments now report directly to Ramsey:
  • The Office of Professional Responsibility
  • Special Advisor to Police Commissioner
  • Office of Standards and Accountability
  • Forensic Sciences Bureau
  • Field Operations
  • Support Services and Strategic Initiatives and Innovations
Nutter said they've assigned more responsibility to the core management team to focus on making the Philadelphia safer and stronger. "Crime, unfortunately, is a very serious issue in the City of Philadelphia."
To see some of the changes, click HERE


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