Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mayfair Townwatch Elects New Board Members

Last evening the Mayfair Townwatch elected new officers to steer its organization for the next year. Anna Stacey, longtime member of the Mayfair Civic Board an our liaison to the 15th PDAC as well as CoChair of our Clean Up Committee was elected President. We would like to thank outgoing President Milt Martelack for his tireless dedication to our community and for the distinct passion he brought to reviving the Townwatch in Mayfair. The newly elected Board is as follows:
President-Anna Stacey
VP-Joe Conboy
Secretary-Stephanie Kramer
Treasurer/fundraising-Mia Hylan
Community Relations/Recruitment-Donna Conboy
Member Coordinator-Joann Wyjadka-Candy
PR-John Jenkins
Education/Certification Coordinator-still open (but we have someone interested)
Equipment/Logistics-Rob Pasco

Good luck to the new board.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Mayfair Playground(s) Clean Up

Thanks to Clean up Committee Chair Jim Ortlieb and Vice Chair Anna Stacey for Organizing this event:

  • Volunteers needed for a good cleaning of both:
    1.Mayfair Memorial Playground on Rowland Avenue by Lincoln 2.Mayfair School Playground on Princeton Ave.

    It would be great to get enough people to clean the entire block Princeton, Hawthorne, St. Vincent and Brous.

    Let's make both sparkle and shine. WE CAN DO THIS PEOPLE!!

    We'll meet at the Mayfair School Playground and get instructions. Some will stay and some volunteers will go to the Mayfair Memorial Playground on Rowland.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mayfair Town Watch Flashlight March-National Night Out (NNO) 2012!!

Dear neighbor,
Mayfair Town Watch is participating in this year’s National Night Out (NNO), 2012!!
National Night Out is a nation-wide crime prevention rally to promote neighborhood spirit and police-community partnership. Mayfair Town Watch is organizing Flashlight March on Frankford Ave and we invite you to join us!!!

When: August 7, 2012 at 7:30PM
Where: Kickoff at the Triangle at Cottman and Frankford at 7:30PM-FREE water ice, balloons and glow sticks for the kids!!!
8:00PM-Flashlight March from Cottman & Frankford to Harbison Ave.

We strongly encourage you to come out and take a stand against crime as well as to support Mayfair Town Watch in it’s efforts to combat quality of life issues in our neighborhood.

Don't forget to bring your flashlights!

RSVP on facebook at:
Anna Stacey
Mayfair Town Watch

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Farmers Market Will Crop Up in Mayfair

Mia Hylan        
Communications Secretary, Mayfair Civic Association
mhylan@gmail.com, 215-888-1243

New Farmers Market Will Crop Up in Mayfair

Philadelphia, PA, July 17, 2012 – The Mayfair Community Development Corporation is thrilled to announce that they are partnering with Republic Bank in the formation of the Mayfair Farmers Market. Additional partners in this endeavor are the Mayfair Civic Association and the Mayfair Business Association to ensure the participation of local MBA members. The Mayfair Farmers Market will kick into full gear in 2013 from May to October with a farmers market to be held every Sunday. In anticipation of  the full-time 2013 kick-off, two introductory days will be held on Sunday, September  23, 2012 and Sunday, October 14, 2012 so neighbors can get a taste of what to expect starting in the spring-summer season 2013. The Mayfair Farmer's Market will spring up from May to October on Sunday afternoons  from 9 am to 2 pm at the intersection of Frankford Ave and Ryan Ave. A portion of Ryan Ave will be closed off during market hours.

MCA president, Joe DeFelice is grateful to Philadelphia councilman, Bobby Henon and his staff for helping with city legislation to make the Mayfair Farmers Market a reality. “Chris Creelman, Lisa Deeley, Courtney Voss, and of course, Bobby, were vital in helping us with the development of the farmers market.” Added DeFelice, “We are also ecstatic that Republic Bank, a Mayfair Business Association member and one of our biggest neighborhood supporters, will be helping us out as well.”

About 8-10 vendor stalls providing locally grown, farm-fresh organic produce, local honey, specialty meats and cheeses, baked goods and artisan breads and other specialty foods will be present at the Mayfair Farmers Market as well as several members of the Philly Mobile Food Association. Pre-approved neighboring businesses, who are current members of the MBA, are also encouraged to set up a table to sell their goods as well.

President of the Mayfair Business Association and owner of The Grey Lodge Pub, Mike “Scoats” Scotese states, “Ultimately, we want the Mayfair Farmers Market to incorporate as many of our local Mayfair Business Association members to work in conjunction with outside vendors. We see this as not only highlighting many of the great businesses currently in Mayfair, but perhaps attracting some of these unique businesses to the Frankford Avenue Business Corridor.” DeFelice agrees, “ We want to have a diverse selection of specialty items such as local honey, organic produce, gourmet items, and a rotating selection of gourmet food trucks; things that may not be widely available on the Ave already.” Adds Suzann St. Marie, Executive Director of the Mayfair CDC, “We also want to provide some free entertainment during market days, whether it be an acoustic band, a string quartet, a face-painter or balloon artist for the kids. The participation of neighboring businesses, the central location, and the live music will create a small but festive, street-fair atmosphere that can only be beneficial to the neighborhood.”

The Mayfair Farmers Market is truly a neighborhood collaboration. Mayfair resident and graphic designer, Michael Ennis volunteered his time and talent to design the logo for the Mayfair Farmer's Market. States Ennis, “I wanted to incorporate many of the Mayfair landmarks, such as the Devon, St. Matthew's and St. Timothy's churches, and of course the cornerstone of any neighborhood, the row homes, into my design.”

Additionally, When Randy Wolfe, store manager of the Mayfair Branch of Republic Bank and MBA member, heard of the possibility of a Farmers Market essentially opening on their doorstep he encouraged Republic Bank to  step in as a corporate sponsor. St. Marie stated, “In the past year Randy and his staff at Republic Bank have been major contributors to several Mayfair events including the Mayfair-Holmesburg Thanksgiving Parade, the Mayfair Memorial Playground Easter Egg Hunt, The Mayfair Fallen Heroes Run and the Mayfair May Fair. They truly care about this community.” Adds Katie Michaleski, VP/Marketing Manager for Republic Bank,  “Republic Bank is committed to supporting the communities we serve. We are excited about the Farmers Market coming to Mayfair and know it will be great addition for our community”.

Mayfair Civic Association Communications Secretary, Mia Hylan and St. Marie have been working closely on the recruitment of unique outside vendors and with the Philly Mobile Food Association (PMFA) for the Farmers Market. “Andrew at the Philly Mobile Food Association has been great in helping us with offering advice and coordinating their members. The PMFA have very unique members and a wide selection of food available. We're looking to have about 2 trucks present during the September and October launch and then have a rotating selection of trucks starting next year on a weekly basis in addition to all the other wonderful vendors. This is a great opportunity for neighbors to sample different types of food that may not be available on the Frankford business corridor and hopefully choose some favorites.” says Hylan.

Hylan and St. Marie are also working to get a jump on organizing for next year's weekly farmers market. “We are in the midst of creating a vendor application for the Mayfair Farmers Market for the 2013 season and will not initially be charging vendors to participate. However they will have to be pre-approved and have all current business licenses to operate in Philadelphia. We are also working on  obtaining a website, creating a Facebook page and Twitter account. Our plan is to promote the Mayfair Farmers Market via our current 4-5 Mayfair facebook pages, MCA, MBA, Mayfair Town Watch, and the Mayfair Memorial Playground Page which have a total following of about 1,000 plus local residents. We hope to generate a lot of excitement and interest with the preview days.”

DeFelice adds, “We are thrilled to partner with local community leaders and business owners to open this new market in the heart of Mayfair. It’s the first time we’ve ever operated a farmers market and we think it will be an asset to the neighborhood.  We invite all residents of Philadelphia to join us at the September and October previews and subsequently next year, when we officially launch the weekly markets in Mayfair.”

Friday, July 20, 2012

Getting Things Done in the Neighborhood - Rolling Thunder's Sidewall

To: mayfaircivicassociation@yahoo.com 
Sent: Tuesday, July 3, 2012 8:50 PM
Subject: Painting of the wall of Wow Rolling Rink

To     Joe DeFelice
I am sending this to you to ask for help with a problem that I feel is important.  I am a home owner and resident of Brighton Place
and the end of our street is this horrible sight, the wall of wow roller rink, a wall very much in need of a good cleaning and new paint
to match the other sides of the building.  Managment  is not even aware of this awful sight, as was told to me early in March by
a women who told me she was an asistant manager.  I am trying to help clean up the block .   Please advise if you are able
to help me with this, because I am not sure what to do.  The music is very loud and does rock my living room windows,  but
I am fine with that because it is not late in the evening at all.  A new fresh painted wall is all I would like
              Thank you

 Mayfair Civic Association <mayfaircivicassociation@yahoo.com>
To: "mslaven@rollingthunderskating.com" <mslaven@rollingthunderskating.com>
Sent: Thursday, July 5, 2012 3:41 PM
Subject: Fw: Painting of the wall of Wow Rolling Rink

Mike can you guys help out here?
Joe DeFelice
From:  "mslaven@rollingthunderskating.com" <mslaven@rollingthunderskating.com>
To:   Mayfair Civic Association <mayfaircivicassociation@yahoo.com>
Sent: Thursday, July 5, 2012 3:41 PM
Subject: Re: Painting of the wall of Wow Rolling Rink

We started painting the side of the building.  It is alot of scraping, so it will take a few days.  It is being painted a neutral beige color

Bambies By the Bay, THIS SATURDAY!

Bambies By the Bay, THIS SATURDAY!

Greetings SH Alumnae and Friends,

Bambies by the Bay is this Saturday, July 21, 2012. 1-5pm at Lighthouse Pointe, Wildwood, NJ. 

All Bambies and Friends of St. Hubert are invited! 
Both Under 21 and over 21 are welcome to attend!
We are so excited to celebrate not only our past and present, but our FUTURE as well with our fellow Bambies, family, and friends! Mr. Dave Schafer, Mr. Ed Cox, Mr. Joe Anhalt, Mrs. Marianne Burpulis, and Mrs. Mary Reil are just some of the faculty members who will be celebrity bartending throughout the afternoon! To purchase tickets in advance for $25, head over to St. Hubert Catholic High School for Girls' main office. 

Bus from St. Hubert
The bus leaving from St. Hubert Catholic High School for Girls to Bambies by the Bay is FREE. You MUST make a reservation for the bus by calling Marie Smith at 215-932-6302 or email at subsmith7@att.net . Those who already paid for the bus will be refunded their bus fee. You will still need to purchase a Bambies by the Bay ticket either in advance at school next week for $25 or at the door for $30. Space is limited so reserve a bus seat today!

Wildwood Shuttle Bus information
Please see below the bus stop's that the shuttle bus from Lighthouse Pointe will be making this Saturday for the Bambies by the Bay event.

This bus is for those people that don't want to drive over to Lighthouse Pointe.

Please share this information with your Bambie friends and family and post to share on your face book also so that we can spread the word about the transportation.

Shuttle should start at 1230
and there will be two trips so far so people should be ready by 1230 for first pick up...

2nd and NJ-
Anglesea Fire Station on the left. . Caldwell Banker Realtor on corner on the right where stop will be.

12th and NJ-
Scoops Ice Cream on the left and bus stop on the right-Atlantic Care Medical Facility

22th and NJ-  
Bank of America on the right-- Wildwood- NJ and Wildwood Avenue. WAWA on the right and the Lions High Rise Apt complex.

St. Hubert Catholic High School for Girls
7320 Torresdale Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19136


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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Methadone Clinic Demonstration Recap and Update

Tonight, on the one year anniversary of last year's rally, close to 150 neighborhood residents showed up to rally against the opening of the Healing Way Methadone Clinic at Frankford and Decatur. The event was MC'd by Mayfair Townwatch President Milt Martelack. 

The event was kicked off by its first speaker, Mayfair Civic Pres and Mayfair CDC Chairman, Joe DeFelice, who explained the current status of the case, the briefing schedule for the Court hearing and the plan of action going forward including the establishment of a defense fund should an appeal take place as well as a field plan to distribute literature relevant to the Appeal. DeFelice stated that case had been appealed from the ZBA and that a "Briefing Schedule" had been laid out by the Court that gives a date for the ZBA to issue its findings and produce a record, then roughly 30 days later the Healing Way will have to issue a Brief why they should prevail, then roughly 30 days later the Appellees (us) will issue a brief why we should prevail then roughly 30 days after that,  November 5th (but that could change) there will be Oral Argument before the Court of Common Please where DeFelice stated that we should load up the busses again.  He also highlighted the creation of a legal defense fund in the instance we are unsuccessful and need to appeal to Commonwealth Court.  This fund, which is now accepting checks payable to Mattioni Limited, referencing 7900 Frankford Ave. with a mailing address of 399 Market St, Suite 200, Philadelphia, PA 19106-2138.  A donation of $10 per household was requested.  It was noted that we will not be soliciting door to door donations to avoid the potential for a scam.

DeFelice then introduced Richard Frizell, the newly elected President of the Holmesburg Civic Association, who cut his vacation short to be, who announced that they plan on fighting this to the very end and that this does not belong in our neighborhood and we should all reach into our pocket and pull out that $10 per household and make it happen.

Next up was City Councilman Bobby Henon who reaffirmed his committment to seeing this through and battling this clinic till the end. Councilman Henon is also an Intervenor in the lawsuit and will be present in each stage of hearing going forward.  

State Rep Kevin Boyle took the platform next and vowed to continue the fight he started over a year ago. It was Kevin's office who first notified the community that this venue was slated for opening. He was supported by his fellow State Representative John Sabatina who stated that while not in Mayfair or Holmesburg his District is close enough and that he had successfully fought a clinic in his District several years earlier. 

Businesses were represented when Chairman of Greater NE Chamber of Commerce Al Taubenberger took the stage and stated that this was bad for businesses along the avenue and vowed to take fliers with him when he went to knock on doors. Remaining on the business theme was Domenick Parris, Appellee in the case and proprietor of 8 Buck Cuts which is about 2 storefronts down from this proposed establishment  

The event was closed down by the law and order of the Lower Northeast, Tacony/Holmesburg Townwatch President Joe Niccoletti and Mayfair Townwatch President Martelack who spoke about how this type of business would ruin the quality of life in the immediate community.

DeFelice retook the stage to close out the meeting and stated that these people don't care about your neighborhood. They spend their time in Richboro looking down their noses at our Community. He reiterated the importance of fighting this and raising money at which point Councilman Henon put up his hand and pledged $500 to the fund which was immediately seconded by State Rep Boyle.  Not to be outdone, both State Rep Sabatina and Chamber of Commerce Chair Taubenberger also threw put their hands in their pockets and committed $500 as well. This was followed by a generous donation of $200 by the Living World Church, $100 by the Mayfair Business Association, the Mayfair Townwatch and $100 by the Mayfair Civic Association.   bringing the total of pledges to $2550.

Other guests that came to show their support were newly elect Greater Bustleton Civic League Chairman Jack O'Hara, Fox Chase Neighbor Jerry Rocks, Holme Circle's Joe Razler and Mike Gould, NE Quality of Life Chair Barbara Dooley, Ken Bode from State Sen. Stack's office, Karen Gurmankin from US Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz's office and Chuck White President of Teamsters Union Local 830, as well as Board Members of Mayfair Townwatch, Business Assoc, Civic Assoc, CDC including Pete McDermott, Donny Smith, Kevin Leonard, John Jenkins, Mia Hylan, Jim Ortlieb, Anna Stacey, Ken Stacey, Rob Pasco, Joe Conboy & Donna Conboy (who pledged $50), Danny Mills, Lisa Greco, Antoniette Montgomery as well as Kenny Miller who donated the stage (er, pickup truck) and Holmesburg Civic Association and Appellees Melissa Casey from Guppies Daycare, Dawn Parris from 8 Buck Cuts and Patti Vaughn, who did much of the legwork organizing this event and whose home is situated directly across the street from the proposed clinic and countless others. This Demonstration was another example of why Mayfair and the surrounding neighborhoods are great place to live and work and raise a family. 

Our Newsletter

Please see our New Newsletter - We will be distributing these in our area over the next few weeks - if you would like to do your block, shoot us an email at mayfaircivicassociation@yahoo.com and download and print enough to do your block. Thanks

Methadone Clinic Rally Tonight

  • 7900 Frankford Ave.
  • The below was sent to me by the Appellees in the Zoning Appeal against the Healing Way Methadone Clinic and asked that I forward.

    Good Afternoon,

    The appellees in the suit against the THW are planning a demonstration at 7900 Frankford Avenue on July 19, 2012 at 6PM. The purpose of the demonstration is for the community to once again come together in a show of unity and request that the THW withdraw their appeal. The Mayfair Civic Association is assisting with the planning and coordination of this event just as they did last year.

    We are extending an invitation to you to participate in this event and hear the community on this very important community issue.

    Thank you!!

    Lori Prete, Melissa Casey, Patti Vaughn, Domenick and Dawn Parris

    Tacony Civic will also be acting as a Host for this Event.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mayfair Farmers' Market Logo

Special thanks to neighborhood resident Mike Ennis for his design!!

Monday, July 09, 2012

FRONT LAWN POOLS - City Requirements

What are the requirements for above-ground swimming pools?

What are the requirements for above-ground swimming pools?
Complete a building permit application form and submit a check or money order payable to City of Philadelphia for $32. Prior to using the pool, call the L&I District Office in your area to schedule an appointment at your residence with a building inspector. Do not use the pool until its construction has been approved.
A permit is required for all above-ground pools 12 feet or greater in maximum dimension. The pool, accompanying structures, and equipment must not be located in the front or side yard, nor within two feet of any property line or structures on the lot.
The pool may have an access platform of up to 50 square feet included as part of this permit. the required guard rail around the platform must be at least 36" high and may have a maximum opening of 4'.
Pool water must be properly treated and free of scum, debris, and foreign matter. Discharge water must not create a nuisance to an adjoining property.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Crusaders@ Keenans” Summer 2012 Reunion

SAVE THE DATE....The Friends of Father Judge Inc. invite all Alumni and supporter s of Father Judge to attend “Crusaders@ Keenans” Summer 2012 Reunion.
Enjoy some fun in the sun while catching up with old friends and classmates.
Date: August 25th, 2012
Cost: $30.00
Place: Keenan’s
113 Olde New Jersey Ave
North Wildwood, NJ 08260

For more event info please email: 
Brian Patrick King - bking@fatherjudge.com
-tickets can be purchased in advance in the Main Office of Father Judge during school hours.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Mayfair Farmers Market

Exciting news - we are shooting for the "soft launch" of our Mayfair Farmer's Market at Cottman and Frankford. Tentative dates are September 23rd and October 14th. We have met with MFA (mobile food association) about having two trucks there weekly along with 5-6 typical market type vendors and 4-5 local food vendors to blend what our neighborhood has to offer with what the region has offer.

We have already received many suggestions as to the types of vendors people would like but we want to open the discussion to all of you. We are planning a seating area, small musical acts, and a few arts and crafts vendors come the official launch of our weekly market next April but we want to get the centerpiece businesses right first. So fire away with your suggestions.

Monday, July 02, 2012

St. Matthew Ride the Tide IV at Keenan's

Saturday July 14, 2012
Keenan's North Wildwood

St Matthew Parish and School will be hosting its Fourth Annual RIDE THE TIDE Reunion for all alumni, parishoners and staff on Saturday, July 14, 2012 from 3:00 to 7:00 PM at Keenan's Irish Pub in North Wildwood!

We will be on the Big Patio at Keenan's as well as inside so weather will not be an issue either way...$30 per ticket will again include both bottled and draft domestic beers, wine, soda, hamburgers, hot dogs and salads.

Here are some great places to stay that are close to Keenan's

Roman Holiday

Isle of Capri


Athens II

North Wind

Harbor Lights


Beach Hugger


St. Tim's "Tigers Roar at the Shore"

Just a reminder that the Second Annual Saint Timothy's Roar at the Shore will be held on Saturday, August 4, 2012 from 3 to 7 at Keenan's Irish Pub in North Wildwood. $35 per ticket gets you both draft and bottled domestic beers, wine, soda, food, a DJ for the duration and the phenomenal band Masquerade will play beginning at 6:00 outside. T-shirts and 50/50's will be sold. We will have a pre-sale for tickets on both Tuesday, July 24th and Wednesday, August 1 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM in Saint Timothy's Gym. 1,319 people attended last year so we are doing something right - hope to see you there - please contact Mike "Odes" O'Donnell at 215-333-7936 or mikeodes@comcast.net.  TIGERS ROAR AT THE SHORE

Mayfair Memorial Playground - FENCING

Hey All,
As you know our playground rebuilding effort is a work in progress.  We have asphalted the general area, added 3 slides, two swings, a jungle gym, a detached firetruck for small children, table top chess boards, many flowers, plants, trees, a flag pole, mulch, etc.  Now, because of some people that could care less about the neighborhood have taken to some vandalism, our next priority is to install fencing (followed by a rumble slide for special needs children, a new sign for the entrance and Badge of Honor for all of our Fallen Hero Award Recipients - in that order) but fencing is our top priority.  We want to match the current fencing surrounding the pool wall while at the same time don't want the kids feeling like they are playing in a prison yard so after much deliberation, we have come up with the following specifications:

Install approximately 295’ of 8’ high 3-rail tubular steel fencing, including (2) 4’ single gates.

Pickets will be 1” sq x 18ga tube.
Gate posts will be 3” sq x 12ga tube.
Line posts will be 2 ½” sq x 14ga tube.
All posts will be core drilled 6” into the existing 12” wide concrete curb and set with hydraulic cement or set in a 3’ deep concrete footing
in the grass along the Rowland ave side

All material will have a galvanized coating and black powder coated finish and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Please submit all proposals (bids) to mayfairmemorialplayground@yahoo.com.  Please contact me directly (mayfaircivicassociation@yahoo.com) for any additional information.

Joe DeFelice,
President, Mayfair Civic Association
Board Member, Friends of Mayfair Memorial Playground