Thursday, May 24, 2012

Methadone Clinic Briefing Schedule (Court of Common Pleas)

Briefing Schedule for the Methadone Clinic 

It is hereby ORDERED as follows: 
1. Record: The Agency listed above is ORDERED to file its record with the Office of the Prothonotary, 2nd Filing Unit, Room 278, City Hall by 06-AUG-2012 or risk sanctions. 2. Motions for Extraordinary Relief: From the dates set forth below in this Order should be electronically filed with Motions Court not later than 04-SEP-2012 any request for continuance should also be filed as a Motion for Extraordinary Relief. 
3. Briefs:
Appellant's brief is due by 04-SEP-2012. 
Appellee's brief is due by 01-OCT-2012. Briefs can be electronically filed or manually filed with the Office of Civil Administration, Room 296, City Hall, and served upon all opponents. 4. 
Oral Argument: On the legal merits of this appeal will take place on 05-NOV-2012.

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