Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March Mayfair Civic Association Minutes from General Meeting (Pending Approval)

Monday, March 19, 2012


Mayfair Community Center

2990 St. Vincent St.

Board Members

Present: Joseph DeFelice, Mike Williams, Peter McDermott, Mike Serverson, Donny Smith Kevin Leonard, Lisa Greco, Mia Hylan, Milt Martelack, Anna Stacey, Melinda Mulvenna, John Jenkins

Absent: Dana Lambie, Suzann St. Marie


Meeting called to order at 7: 17pm by President, Joseph DeFelice.

Membership and By-laws Update

Review of the by-laws changes from the last meeting requires that voting members be paid members of the civic association. If interested in membership attendees were asked to see Donny Smith or John Jenkins to obtain an application and pay for membership. Applications can be obtained at the civic association website at

Treasurer's Report

Previous balance: $3337.33

Deposits $275

Membership Dues $90

Donation from Gino's for shuttle expenses $90


Robo-call $50

Shuttle t-shirts 80.00

Current balance $3483.48

Candidate Forum

Invited Guests:

Candidates for the 172nd Legislative District,

Kevin Boyle

Dan Collins

Al Taubenberger

173rd Legislative District

Candidates not present

177th Legislative District

William Dunbar

John Taylor

5th State Senatorial District

Mike Stack

Mike Tomlinson (not present due to miscommunication, invited to future meeting)

1st US House District

John Featherman

Bob Brady (not present)

13th US House District

Joe Rooney

Allyson Schwartz (representative)

Methadone Clinic Update

Dawn Tancredi, Esq. and Phil McFillin, Esquire, attorneys representing the appellates and the neighbors spoke regarding the recent decision. MCA was informed that the appeal was sustained in the decision against The Healing Way by the zoning board and the permit for the methadone clinic was revoked. Most likely the Healing Way will file an appeal. The attorney's will pass along any information regarding appeal to the civic membership and association.

Mayfair CDC

A new executive board was elected. Joe DeFelice is the new board Chairman and Tim Burke is treasurer. Brian King, from Father Judge and Marc Colazzo, from State Rep John Taylor's office are new board members.

Recent vandalism

Update on the recent tire slashings on Aldine and Teesdale. Neighborhood Town Watch groups and the police officers of the 15th Police District can only do so much to combat these crimes. Neighbors are encouraged to be proactive in their neighborhood and report any information that they witness.

Shamrock Shuttle Update

Shamrock Shuttle was held the weekend of 3/3. This year the MCA was very proactive in holding meetings with the bar owners, the 15th police district, and other businesses in the months leading up to the shuttle. The Mayfair Town Watch and other neighborhood volunteers helped to secure the areas surrounding the participating bars and patrolled the side streets and alleyways. There were minimal incidents and no calls of complaint regarding quality of life issues came in to the MCA.

Residential Cameras

Wayne Nembhard, representative from Vance Investigations/Digital Innovations, residential cameras was present to answer any questions regarding security and residential camera solutions for the neighbors.


Zoning for a proposed Laundromat at 2847-2849 Tyson (former site of Wawa), Applicant Tom Chan purchased the site of the old Wawa with a Restrictive Deed; certain types of stores are not allowed (i.e food stores, coffee, auto parts etc). Applicant proposes a self-service laundromat where there will be an attendant at all times during business hours. 6am to 1am, 7 days a week. Most business is anticipated to come from drop-off service. A swipe card system will be required of customers for usage of machines and minimal cash will be on premises. Swipe card would be used to access the bathrooms as well to discourage loitering. Cameras and proper lighting will be installed all around the property. There will be fifty-six (56) washing machines and twenty-six (26) double stack dryers. Concerns from the neighbors regarding safety, security, loitering and the fact that there are numerous laundromats already established or being built within a 1 mile radius were expressed. Also expressed was the concern of the non-neighborhood clientele attracted to this business, as most homes in Mayfair already have a washer and dryer. A vote was taken with the majority approving reliant on a proof of purchase from the applicants, but with very strict provisos on the business to be determined. Not Opposed, with Provisions

Zoning to add a trailer at Mayfair School--erection of a temporary one story trailer 12 foot x 56 foot to relieve some overcrowding problems at Mayfair School. Adding the trailer will help in trying to keep class size under thirty (30). Presentation by Mr. Fox, Philadelphia School District representative, Thomas Schweiker, PSD architect, and Bobbi Besdon, principal of Mayfair School. Vote to approve zoning with detailed provisos to be determined. Not Opposed, with Provisions

Zoning for a proposed fine tobacco store at the old Jim's Pretzels/Councilman Bobby Henon's Primary Office location at Englewood and Frankford 7221-7223 Frankford—Applicant for JJ's Smoke Shop wishes to open a fine cigar shop with two (2) roll your own cigar and cigarette machines and loose tobacco. Applicant also wishes to sell cigars and humidor boxes, candy, chips, pretzels, soda, water, and other novelties specified by the applicant as cigar cutters, lighters, etc.. He asserts that he will not sell water pipes and hookahs. Hours of operation will be 8am to 10pm. Concerns were expressed by neighbors regarding the sale of perceived "convenience store" items, low grade cigars (Philly Blunts), and rolling papers along with the cigars as well as loitering around the store. Not Opposed, with Provisions

Updated Zoning Re: Carpet Cleaning Company at 3256 Friendship--Applicants Ann and Maros Pittaoulis. Property is not currently zoned for commercial. There is currently a carpet cleaning business on the first floor attached to a residential duplex. Dave is the renter and owner of the carpet cleaning company. Neighbors have issues with signage, advertising and access to the shared driveway and claim that when they have approached employees regarding these issues they have experienced resistance. Applicant will explore options for zoning further and current occupant has stated he will leave the location. Opposed

Updated Zoning Re: Rear Deck at 3258 Wellington Applicant Gerry Gruber wishes to build a rear deck to the property line. Mayfair Civic Association previously met with Applicant. Current neighbors have concerns with ongoing quality of life issues with this neighbor and feel that this will only add to those issues. Opposed

New Zoning for a proposed Planet Fitness (formerly Fashion Bug) at 6411 Frankford Avenue. Ron Patterson and Tony Ruffo made a presentation to gauge interest in building a Planet Fitness gym near the Mayfair Shop-n-Bag. Many of their current members at other locations come from Mayfair. All machines and cardiovascular, no free weights and it will be open 24 hours a day. Plans to renovate the building and place windows on the Frankford Ave. side. They are interested in signing a ten (10) year lease, with four (4) renewable five(5) year leases. Applicants will reappear before the MCA with a more detailed proposal in the future after they receive their zoning refusal from the City.

Alan Kaminsky, Vice President of Friends of Pennypack Park

FOPP are holding a Community E-cycling Event fundraiser on April 21, 2012, 9am-12pm in the Lincoln High School parking lot. Residents are encouraged to bring any small electronics they wish to get rid of (no large appliances like fridges or air conditioners). It is a free event but donations are encouraged. All money raised will go to FOPP to maintain and revitalize the park, plant trees and general clean-up. FOPP also holds a monthly recycling even in conjunction with Lincoln High School every 3rd Saturday of every month. Collection of paper, clean clothing, shoes, linens, scrap aluminum, plastics and printer cartridges. Please contact or call 215-934-7275 for more information.

Mayfair May Fair Update

To be held on Saturday May 19, 2012.

Mayfair Fallen Heroes Run Update

To be held on Saturday May 19, 2012 honoring firefighter Joseph Konrad.

Dog Park Update-

Megan Whalen discussed the formation of a dog park committee. An informal meeting was held in March to discuss possible locations within Pennypack and around Lincoln High School however an open mind is being kept regarding locations within the Northeast if those locations do not work out.

The dog park committee would like work with whoever owns the land so that any park created is something that is mutually beneficial to both the community and any organization within Pennypack, the Fairmount Park Commission or the School District of Philadelphia.

The next meeting will be held sometime in April (as yet to be determined) and all are invited to attend. There is a Facebook page under "Mayfair Dog Park" which is regularly updated with information and discussion regarding progress. The meeting in April will consist of election of officers, discussion of fund raising, and a presentation by a representative from the Northern Liberties Dog Park to give advice on how they got started and established. Please contact Megan Whalen at or Mia Hylan at if interested in joining. You can also contact the Civic Association who will put you in touch with the committee.

Playground and Easter Egg Hunt Update

Easter Egg Hunt is this Saturday March 24 from noon-2pm, Kids ages 0-8, $2 per child. All proceeds go towards the purchase and installation of an 8 foot fence and new piece of equipment. Please contact for more information.

Mayfair Town Watch Update

There are approximately 36 certified members currently. Scheduling of patrols will be taking place within the next 2 weeks to have a regular rotation of members out on the streets during the weekend and possibly during the week.

Mayfair Award

This year's Mayfair Award will honor Monsignor McGroarty, long-time pastor of St. Matthew's Elementary School.

Meeting adjourned at 10:35 p.m.
Minutes submitted by Assistant Secretary Mia Hylan, 3/20/2012.
Monday, March 19, 2012


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