Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mayfair Fallen Heroes Run Sponsorship Solicitation Letter


Tuesday March 27, 2012

Re: Mayfair Fallen Heroes Run

Dear Potential Sponsor:

Please accept this as a thank you for your continued commitment to our neighborhood and our causes; as you know, the Mayfair Fallen Heroes Run, has become one of the preeminent races in Northeast Philadelphia and serves as the kick off to a great day for our community. Every year we honor a different Police officer or Firefighter that gave the ultimate sacrifice by dying in the line of duty and this year is no different as we have selected fallen Firefighter and Northeast native Joseph Konrad. This event gives us the opportunity to honor and recognize the commitment of Konrad and his family by donating in his honor to the Hero Thrill Show, which provides for the education of families of fallen officers, to pay for the plaque that will be dedicated in his honor and to further help to rebuild the Mayfair Memorial Playground which was laid in recognition of fallen Firefighter John Redmond and will house a Badge of Honor for each year’s honoree. Nevertheless, your continued support is pertinent to aiding our efforts and we hope you chose to donate again. Please see the enclosed sponsorship form for your contribution and feel free to contact me with any questions.

Sincerely Yours,

Joe De Felice sig

Joseph J. DeFelice, Esq,



Monday, March 26, 2012

Another Satisfied Neighbor Thanks Us

Hello Joe,
Just when I basically forgot about (actually, given up on) the stop sign at Craig and Hartel, Bam! There it was... My family and I were heading to the chiropractor early on Saturday morning, and when my husband was turning from Craig onto Hartel, I grabbed his arm and screamed, "A stop sign!" -- he was so mad at me because he thought I was yelling at him telling him how to drive, lol... Then I had to explain myself - "No, look, there's a stop sign here!!!" -- he was so excited (but not as much as I was, apparently!).

So I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you and your team for this....I just don't know how else to express my appreciation for you help with my neighbor's house and now this.... If there is anything I can do, please don't hesitate to ask!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Signed A neighbor

***Editor's Note - Both councilman Henon (and his predecessor Councilwoman Krajewski) and Representative Boyle were instrumental in rectifying these issues eg the Councilpeople handled the neighbor and the Representative handled the stop sign. We simply acted as a conduit and advocate.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Todays Mayfair Easter Egg Hunt

Is ON for today. See you at noon at Mayfair Memorial Playground

Volunteers for Easter Egg Hunt

As of now today's easter egg hunt is a go. We need volunteers down at the playground at 10am to help with set up and transport of candy and eggs.
Mayfair Civic Association

Friday, March 23, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

As of right now, The Friends of Mayfair Memorial Playground Easter Egg Hunt is STILL ON for tomorrow.

We will make a final decision at 9AM TOMORROW as to whether or not to hold it based on the weather. We do have a rain date of Saturday March 31st from noon-2pm. We hope you all understand!! If any of you know of a "No-Rain Dance" please feel free to perform it on our behalf at this time. Keep up the positive thoughts and prayers for good weather and we hope to see you tomorrow!!!

I will try to email this group tomorrow as soon as a decision is made. If not, you can always find out the info on our Facebook page "Rebuild Mayfair Memorial Playground (at Lincoln High School).


Mia Hylan


Friends of Mayfair Memorial Playground


Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/94394919248/

An email from an appreciative neighbor

I just want to thank you for the wonderful job you guys are doing in making sure our community stays nice and safe. Mayfair is a beautiful place to live. The issues regarding the sink hole and the drain have been corrected. I was very happy with the quick response once you sent it to the councilman's office. Those issues were like that for years. When you walk though the streets and see things in good repair, you feel like this a community who cares.

Keep up the good work.
Thanks again,

A neighbor

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March Mayfair Civic Association Minutes from General Meeting (Pending Approval)

Monday, March 19, 2012


Mayfair Community Center

2990 St. Vincent St.

Board Members

Present: Joseph DeFelice, Mike Williams, Peter McDermott, Mike Serverson, Donny Smith Kevin Leonard, Lisa Greco, Mia Hylan, Milt Martelack, Anna Stacey, Melinda Mulvenna, John Jenkins

Absent: Dana Lambie, Suzann St. Marie


Meeting called to order at 7: 17pm by President, Joseph DeFelice.

Membership and By-laws Update

Review of the by-laws changes from the last meeting requires that voting members be paid members of the civic association. If interested in membership attendees were asked to see Donny Smith or John Jenkins to obtain an application and pay for membership. Applications can be obtained at the civic association website at mayfaircivicassociation.com.

Treasurer's Report

Previous balance: $3337.33

Deposits $275

Membership Dues $90

Donation from Gino's for shuttle expenses $90


Robo-call $50

Shuttle t-shirts 80.00

Current balance $3483.48

Candidate Forum

Invited Guests:

Candidates for the 172nd Legislative District,

Kevin Boyle

Dan Collins

Al Taubenberger

173rd Legislative District

Candidates not present

177th Legislative District

William Dunbar

John Taylor

5th State Senatorial District

Mike Stack

Mike Tomlinson (not present due to miscommunication, invited to future meeting)

1st US House District

John Featherman

Bob Brady (not present)

13th US House District

Joe Rooney

Allyson Schwartz (representative)

Methadone Clinic Update

Dawn Tancredi, Esq. and Phil McFillin, Esquire, attorneys representing the appellates and the neighbors spoke regarding the recent decision. MCA was informed that the appeal was sustained in the decision against The Healing Way by the zoning board and the permit for the methadone clinic was revoked. Most likely the Healing Way will file an appeal. The attorney's will pass along any information regarding appeal to the civic membership and association.

Mayfair CDC

A new executive board was elected. Joe DeFelice is the new board Chairman and Tim Burke is treasurer. Brian King, from Father Judge and Marc Colazzo, from State Rep John Taylor's office are new board members.

Recent vandalism

Update on the recent tire slashings on Aldine and Teesdale. Neighborhood Town Watch groups and the police officers of the 15th Police District can only do so much to combat these crimes. Neighbors are encouraged to be proactive in their neighborhood and report any information that they witness.

Shamrock Shuttle Update

Shamrock Shuttle was held the weekend of 3/3. This year the MCA was very proactive in holding meetings with the bar owners, the 15th police district, and other businesses in the months leading up to the shuttle. The Mayfair Town Watch and other neighborhood volunteers helped to secure the areas surrounding the participating bars and patrolled the side streets and alleyways. There were minimal incidents and no calls of complaint regarding quality of life issues came in to the MCA.

Residential Cameras

Wayne Nembhard, representative from Vance Investigations/Digital Innovations, residential cameras was present to answer any questions regarding security and residential camera solutions for the neighbors.


Zoning for a proposed Laundromat at 2847-2849 Tyson (former site of Wawa), Applicant Tom Chan purchased the site of the old Wawa with a Restrictive Deed; certain types of stores are not allowed (i.e food stores, coffee, auto parts etc). Applicant proposes a self-service laundromat where there will be an attendant at all times during business hours. 6am to 1am, 7 days a week. Most business is anticipated to come from drop-off service. A swipe card system will be required of customers for usage of machines and minimal cash will be on premises. Swipe card would be used to access the bathrooms as well to discourage loitering. Cameras and proper lighting will be installed all around the property. There will be fifty-six (56) washing machines and twenty-six (26) double stack dryers. Concerns from the neighbors regarding safety, security, loitering and the fact that there are numerous laundromats already established or being built within a 1 mile radius were expressed. Also expressed was the concern of the non-neighborhood clientele attracted to this business, as most homes in Mayfair already have a washer and dryer. A vote was taken with the majority approving reliant on a proof of purchase from the applicants, but with very strict provisos on the business to be determined. Not Opposed, with Provisions

Zoning to add a trailer at Mayfair School--erection of a temporary one story trailer 12 foot x 56 foot to relieve some overcrowding problems at Mayfair School. Adding the trailer will help in trying to keep class size under thirty (30). Presentation by Mr. Fox, Philadelphia School District representative, Thomas Schweiker, PSD architect, and Bobbi Besdon, principal of Mayfair School. Vote to approve zoning with detailed provisos to be determined. Not Opposed, with Provisions

Zoning for a proposed fine tobacco store at the old Jim's Pretzels/Councilman Bobby Henon's Primary Office location at Englewood and Frankford 7221-7223 Frankford—Applicant for JJ's Smoke Shop wishes to open a fine cigar shop with two (2) roll your own cigar and cigarette machines and loose tobacco. Applicant also wishes to sell cigars and humidor boxes, candy, chips, pretzels, soda, water, and other novelties specified by the applicant as cigar cutters, lighters, etc.. He asserts that he will not sell water pipes and hookahs. Hours of operation will be 8am to 10pm. Concerns were expressed by neighbors regarding the sale of perceived "convenience store" items, low grade cigars (Philly Blunts), and rolling papers along with the cigars as well as loitering around the store. Not Opposed, with Provisions

Updated Zoning Re: Carpet Cleaning Company at 3256 Friendship--Applicants Ann and Maros Pittaoulis. Property is not currently zoned for commercial. There is currently a carpet cleaning business on the first floor attached to a residential duplex. Dave is the renter and owner of the carpet cleaning company. Neighbors have issues with signage, advertising and access to the shared driveway and claim that when they have approached employees regarding these issues they have experienced resistance. Applicant will explore options for zoning further and current occupant has stated he will leave the location. Opposed

Updated Zoning Re: Rear Deck at 3258 Wellington Applicant Gerry Gruber wishes to build a rear deck to the property line. Mayfair Civic Association previously met with Applicant. Current neighbors have concerns with ongoing quality of life issues with this neighbor and feel that this will only add to those issues. Opposed

New Zoning for a proposed Planet Fitness (formerly Fashion Bug) at 6411 Frankford Avenue. Ron Patterson and Tony Ruffo made a presentation to gauge interest in building a Planet Fitness gym near the Mayfair Shop-n-Bag. Many of their current members at other locations come from Mayfair. All machines and cardiovascular, no free weights and it will be open 24 hours a day. Plans to renovate the building and place windows on the Frankford Ave. side. They are interested in signing a ten (10) year lease, with four (4) renewable five(5) year leases. Applicants will reappear before the MCA with a more detailed proposal in the future after they receive their zoning refusal from the City.

Alan Kaminsky, Vice President of Friends of Pennypack Park

FOPP are holding a Community E-cycling Event fundraiser on April 21, 2012, 9am-12pm in the Lincoln High School parking lot. Residents are encouraged to bring any small electronics they wish to get rid of (no large appliances like fridges or air conditioners). It is a free event but donations are encouraged. All money raised will go to FOPP to maintain and revitalize the park, plant trees and general clean-up. FOPP also holds a monthly recycling even in conjunction with Lincoln High School every 3rd Saturday of every month. Collection of paper, clean clothing, shoes, linens, scrap aluminum, plastics and printer cartridges. Please contact foppmembers@yahoo.com or call 215-934-7275 for more information.

Mayfair May Fair Update

To be held on Saturday May 19, 2012.

Mayfair Fallen Heroes Run Update

To be held on Saturday May 19, 2012 honoring firefighter Joseph Konrad.

Dog Park Update-

Megan Whalen discussed the formation of a dog park committee. An informal meeting was held in March to discuss possible locations within Pennypack and around Lincoln High School however an open mind is being kept regarding locations within the Northeast if those locations do not work out.

The dog park committee would like work with whoever owns the land so that any park created is something that is mutually beneficial to both the community and any organization within Pennypack, the Fairmount Park Commission or the School District of Philadelphia.

The next meeting will be held sometime in April (as yet to be determined) and all are invited to attend. There is a Facebook page under "Mayfair Dog Park" which is regularly updated with information and discussion regarding progress. The meeting in April will consist of election of officers, discussion of fund raising, and a presentation by a representative from the Northern Liberties Dog Park to give advice on how they got started and established. Please contact Megan Whalen at meganw@gmail.com or Mia Hylan at mhylan@gmail.com if interested in joining. You can also contact the Civic Association who will put you in touch with the committee.

Playground and Easter Egg Hunt Update

Easter Egg Hunt is this Saturday March 24 from noon-2pm, Kids ages 0-8, $2 per child. All proceeds go towards the purchase and installation of an 8 foot fence and new piece of equipment. Please contact mayfairmemorialplayground@yahoo.com for more information.

Mayfair Town Watch Update

There are approximately 36 certified members currently. Scheduling of patrols will be taking place within the next 2 weeks to have a regular rotation of members out on the streets during the weekend and possibly during the week.

Mayfair Award

This year's Mayfair Award will honor Monsignor McGroarty, long-time pastor of St. Matthew's Elementary School.

Meeting adjourned at 10:35 p.m.
Minutes submitted by Assistant Secretary Mia Hylan, 3/20/2012.
Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday, March 19, 2012


Agenda MCA meeting March 19, 2012

President’s Update

Membership Update

ByLaw Update

Treasurer's Report

Candidate Forum

- Invited Guests: Candidates for the 172nd Legislative District, the 173rd Legislative District, the 177th Legislative District, the 5th State Senatorial District, the 1st US House District and the 13th US House District

Methadone Clinic Update--Dawn Tancredi, Esq. and Phil McFillin, Esquire

Recent vandalism

Shamrock Shuttle Update

Wayne, representative from Digital Innovations, residential cameras


· Zoning for a proposed Laundromat at 2847-2849 Tyson

· Zoning to add a trailer at Mayfair School

· Zoning for a proposed fine tobacco store at the old Jim's Pretzels location at Englewood and Frankford 7221-7223 Frankford

· Updated Zoning Re: Carpet Cleaning Company at 3256 Friendship

· Updated Zoning Re: Rear Deck at 3258 Wellington

· New Zoning for a proposed Planet Fitness
(formerly Fashion Bug) at 6411 Frankford Avenue

Northeast Office of Catholic Social Services

Alan Kaminsky, Vice President of Friends of Pennypack Park

Mayfair May Fair Update

Mayfair Fallen Heroes Run Update

Dog Park Update

Playground and Easter Egg Hunt Update

Mayfair Town Watch Update

Open Discussion

Saturday, March 17, 2012

2nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt to Benefit Mayfair Memorial Playground



Phone: 215-888-1243

Email: mayfaircivicassociation@yahoo.com

Web: www.mayfaircivicassociation.com




Festivities Kick-Off At 12:00PM at Rowland Ave at Vista St.

Saturday March 24, 2012

The Mayfair Civic Association (“MCA”) is excited to announce its 2nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt along with the Friends of Mayfair Memorial Playground (at Lincoln High School). MCA President Joe DeFelice is very proud of this event which was extremely successful last year and had over 1000 participants from the neighborhood and included people from as far away as Ft. Washington, PA. The Easter Egg Hunt he feels, helps fill the void between the MCA Christmas Tree Lighting in December and the Fallen Heroes Run and “May Fair” in May. DeFelice stated, “This event is a culmination of many neighbors who had not previously known each other coming together for a cause that is beneficial to our community at large. It is events like this that hold together the fabric of our neighborhood and makes it as tight knit as we know it is. It also presents an opportunity to visit the Mayfair Memorial Playground at Lincoln High School, which after 3 years of aggressive fundraising had its first piece of equipment installed on October 27, 2011 with help from national non-profit, KaBOOM! and a generous grant from GIANT Food Stores. We have been raising money to rebuild and to socialize with like-minded parents and children from our community.” The event was the brainchild of the Mayfair Civic Association Playground Committee in 2011, who felt the best way to showcase the progress made at the playground would be to host a large community event at that location. Playground Committee members Melinda Mulvenna, Dana Lambie, Mia Hylan, and Anna Stacey have been working for weeks in conjunction with the rest of the Mayfair Civic Association membership to tweak last year's event to make it even better for this year.

The event had over 1000 participants last year and many more are expected this year. Each child will receive a goodie bag for their participation and the Friends of Mayfair Memorial Playground will be hosting a bake sale on the premises. The Easter Bunny will also be present for pictures and other family friendly events will be held such as dancing with music provided by a DJ and a coloring table. The Mayfair Civic Association believes that the main focus of this event is to continue to raise awareness to the playground's plight of long-term maintenance and to add more equipment to the playground. The MCA and Playground Committee continue to welcome any donations that come their way. Many local businesses have stepped forward in pledging their support but special recognition should be given to Lambie Funeral Home, GIANT Food Stores, Republic Bank, and Fluehr's Funeral Home who have generously donated $500 each towards the continuing playground fundraising efforts.

This event helps to highlight an exciting year for Mayfair, accentuates the positive things that continue to happen in the Mayfair community and is just another reason that Mayfair is a great place to live, work and play.************************

Friday, March 16, 2012

Circular Fee Philadelphia

Subject: Circular Fee Philadelphia

Philadelphia's Circular Free Program

Are you tired of having take-out menus and ad circulars jammed into your door frame, mailbox, etc?

Stop the problem at the source!

Print out the Circular Free property registration form (pdf),
fill it out, and mail or fax it to the contact listed on the form. You will receive a sticker to place on your front door in the mail. If businesses continue to place flyers on your property after your sticker is posted, they will be issued a citation from the Department of Licenses & Inspections.

Still Receiving Flyers?

If you have a circular free sticker visible on your front door and continue to receive circulars or advertisements from businesses, please contact:

Kathleen DuBeck

Licenses & Inspections
Municipal Services Building
1401 John F. Kennedy Blvd.
Room 1130

Fax: 215-686-1411

You can call by phone to provide the details, or you can mail or fax the flyer along with the property address, date, and time that it was delivered.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

BREAKING NEWS FROM NEast Philly: Zoning Board Overturns Application for Holmesburg Methadone Clinic

From Neastphilly.com

The Zoning Board of Adjustment has overturned a proposal by Healing Way Inc., the applicant for a methadone facility on Frankford Avenue in Holmesburg. The ruling comes several months after the ZBA first convened following protests from legislators and residents over the summer.

To Read More, CLICK HERE

Monday, March 12, 2012

St. Hubert Celebration Rally!

St. Hubert Alumnae Association & Advisory Board
P.O. Box 22104
Philadelphia, PA 19136

We Did it!

Please join us for 
one last RALLY 
as we say THANK YOU to the entire 
Northeast Philadelphia community 
for its incredible support
of our effort to 
Thursday, March 15th, 2012

St. Hubert Auditorium
Ditman and Bleigh Streets

Unsubscribe from this eNotice.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Laundromat at site of old Wawa on 2800 block of Tyson Ave

To the Anonymous Person dropping fliers on the 2800 & 2900 blocks of Brighton through Knorr:

Please stop. You are doing the people a disservice by sending them to a meeting that is not going to happen. We had already requested a continuance from the proprietor and were waiting final approval so rather than there being a zoning variance hearing on Arch Street this week we will be having a community meeting where the proprietor will present to members of our Civic Association on Monday March 19, 2012 at 7pm at the Mayfair Community Center (2990 St. Vincent st). We will try to correct your mistake by calling into those blocks to avert an unnecessary trips downtown.
thank you

Friday, March 09, 2012

Mayfair Civic Association General Meeting Monday March 19, 2012 7PM at the Mayfair Community Center

What: Mayfair Civic Association General Membership Meeting
Where: Mayfair Community Center (2990 St. Vincent St).
When: Monday March 19, 2012
Time: 7PM

Membership Update
ByLaw Update
Shamrock Shuttle Update
Candidate Forum
- Invited Guests: Candidates for the 172nd Legislative District, the 173rd Legislative District, the 177th Legislative District, the 5th State Senatorial District, the 1st US House District and the 13th US House District

Zoning for a proposed Laundromat at
2847-2849 Tyson

Zoning to add a trailer at Mayfair School

Zoning for a proposed fine tobacco store at the old Jim's Pretzels location at Englewood and Frankford
7221-7223 Frankford

Updated Zoning Re: Carpet Cleaning Company at 3256 Friendship

Updated Zoning Re: Rear Deck at 3258 Wellington

New Zoning for a proposed Proposed Planet Fitness
(formerly Fashion Bug) at 6411 Frankford Avenue

Camera Update

Northeast Office of Catholic Social Services

Mayfair May Fair Update

Mayfair Fallen Heroes Run Update

Dog Park Update

Playground and Easter Egg Hunt Update

Townwatch Update

Invite to Candidates to Appear at March Mayfair Civic General Meeting

Friday March 9, 2012
Re: Mayfair Civic Meeting and Candidate Night

To Whom It May Concern,
Please note that there will be a General Meeting of the Mayfair Civic Association on Monday March 19, 2012 at 7PM at the Mayfair Community Center (2990 St. Vincent St.) During this meeting there will be a candidate forum portion where each candidate will be given three (3) minutes to address the membership as well as be afforded the opportunity to mingle with the crowd and take questions at the conclusion of the meeting. We have invited candidates for the following offices: State House 172, State House 173, State House 177, State Senate 5, US House 1 and US House 13. Thank you in advance, please RSVP and either the email or phone number listed below.
Very Truly Yours,
Joseph J. DeFelice, Esq.
(215) 292-3926

Zoning - Letter of Non-Opposition to Hertz Rent a Car


Wednesday, February 15th, 2012
Ms. Lynette Brown-Sow
Zoning Board of Adjustment • Municipal Services Building
1401 John F. Kennedy Blvd., Philadelphia, PA 19102
Re: Use Variance at 7253-7257 Frankford Avenue (Southeast Corner at Cottman Avenue)
Cal. No.: 16601 Appl. No.: 364711 Applicant: Thomas R. Citro
Attorney: Shawn D. Ward, Esquire Owners/Applicants: Frankford & Cottman Ave, LLC Zon. Class.: C-2 Commercial

Dear Ms. Brown-Sow:
Please accept this letter on behalf of the Mayfair Civic Association (“MCA”) which represents the neighbors of the Mayfair Community. In reviewing the Zoning Board of Adjustment’s Notice, the Applicant/Owner proposes:
“Permit for Relocation of Lot Lines to Create One (1) Lot from Three (3) Lots with an Existing Two (2) Story Structure to be as follows: Space 7253 Frankford Ave., an Existing Daycare on the First Floor;Space 7255 Frankford Ave., VACANT; Space 7257 Frankford Ave., First Floor Front, an Existing Cell Phone Store; Space 7257 Frankford Ave., First Floor Rear, for an Auto Rental Agency to include Storage of Rental Vehicles.”

We DO NOT OPPOSE this Variance, with ALL of the Following Provisos.
1. Steel, Concrete-Filled Bollards spaced at five feet maximum (5’ max.) on center, along the Rear Alley of 7253-7257 Frankford, continuous from the Rear of the Building to Cottman Avenue. The Spacing shall allow
pedestrians to pass through, and keep motor vehicles from parking along the Sidewalk and Concrete Apron. Bollard Spacing shall be centered off the Midpoint of the Main Pedestrian Sidewalk along Cottman Avenue.
Additionally, the Bollards at the South End of this Rear Alley, which adjoins the Residential Alley; shall be renewed and replaced as necessary. At least one (1) existing bollard is missing, and the others may need maintenance repairs.
2. Owner must provide Lighting, other than illuminated signage, along the Cottman Avenue and Rear AlleyFaƧades. Additionally, one of the Owners is involved in the Solar Lighting & Electricity Technology Business.
We would like to see Solar, Vandal Proof Lights anchored in the Tops of the Steel, Concrete-Filled Bollards; and Lighting along the Building.
3. Provide Planters, to match existing planters already in place on Frankford Avenue, along the Cottman Avenue Frontage to beautify the Streetscape.
4. Provide Convex Traffic Mirrors at the Rear, Northeastern Building Corner; and at the Garage Entrance, forPedestrian Safety.
5. Frankford & Cottman Avenue, LLC will join the Mayfair Business Association for a Minimum Five Year (5-Year) Commitment, and encourage ALL New Businesses to do the same, fortifying the Local Commerce Group.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the numbers below.
Very Truly Yours,
Joseph J. DeFelice, Esq. Peter J. McDermott
President Secretary/Zoning Chair.
(215) 292-3926 (267) 767-0049

cc: Suzanne St. Marie, Mayfair Community Development Corporation
Lisa M. Deeley, Councilman Bobby Henon
Michael Scotese, Mayfair Business Association

Fwd: [Mayfair Townwatch] Mayfair and Tacony Town Watch Fundraiser!

Joe DeFelice

Sent from my iPhone

Begin forwarded message:

From: Mia <mhylan@gmail.com>
Date: March 9, 2012 9:55:33 AM EST
To: josephjdefelice@yahoo.com
Subject: [Mayfair Townwatch] Mayfair and Tacony Town Watch Fundraiser!



Damn. That megaphone is loud.

Posted By Mia to Mayfair Townwatch at 3/09/2012 06:49:00 AM

Thursday, March 08, 2012

2012 Shamrock Shuttle Recap

This year's Shamrock Shuttle was a large improvement over last year. Many (though not all) bought in to the importance of maintaining this event. Just a few ways that this year's Shuttle differed from previous years:
Number of meetings with Neighbors prior to Shuttle - 3 Last Year - 1
Number of meetings with Bar Owners - 2 - Last Year - 1
Number of meetings with 15th District - 2 Last Year - 0
Number of Total Portapotties - 62 Last Year - 26
Number of Portapotties along the route - 26 - Last Year - 0
Number of Police Office - 50+ Last Year - 8
Number of Townwatch and Civic Volunteers 26 - Last Year - 4
Number of driveways monitored to curb public urination - 7 (Bleigh through Wellington 3500 Blocks and 3400 blocks of Cottman ) Last year - 0
Number of spillover businesses (businesses though not part of the Shuttle that still make money) that bought in by donating T-Shirts and portapotties - 3 Last Year - 0.
Number of planning documents set forth - 3 Last Year - 0.
Amount of money received by the Mayfair Civic Association - $0 - Last Year - $0.

Thank you to all those that helped out including but limited to the Mayfair Civic Association, the Mayfair Townwatch, the Tacony-Holmesburg Townwatch, the Mayfair Business Association, the 15th Police District especially Inspector Heath and Captain Bachmayer, Shop n Go, Ems State Farm, Gino's Pizza, Kiki's Furniture, Kim's Hair, Frusco's, and the bars that cooperated with us. We realize there is much more

Finally a special thank you to the Father Judge High School football team and their Coach Tommy Coyle for waking up early on Sunday morning and performing their community service hours/span> by efficiently cleaning Frankford Ave between Bleigh and Wellington and along the the 3500 Block of Cottman Ave.

Lets us know if we missed anyone and we will gladly update this list!

Mayfair Townwatch Events

Good Morning Mayfair!!
This is a reminder that our Fundraiser Beef & Beer will be held on March 11, 2012 at Reale’s Sports Bar and Grill, 7233 Frankford Ave, from 4PM-7PM. Tickets will be available at the door at $25.
Please RSVP on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/303159936411571/ or drop us an e-mail!!!

Mayfair Town Watch training and certification class is scheduled for March 12, 2012 from 6:30PM-8:30PM at the Mayfair Community Center, 2990 St. Vincent St.
Feel free to RSVP of facebook http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/242730349146989/ or e-mail us.
Thank you again for your continued support!!
Anna Stacey
Mayfair Town Watch