Monday, February 20, 2012

Vote NO on BILL NO. 120017 (Bill to Legalize Bandit Signs)

Are you sick of seeing:
Signs in your community attached to telephone poles that read:
"We Buy Houses", "Junk Cars", "Work from Home", etc.?

You've seen them. They can be found hanging on telephone poles, street lights, and even trees.


If you see one of these bandit signs, please RIP IT DOWN!!

You have the Civic Association's permission and you aren't doing anything illegal by doing so!

For more information on the Bandit Sign issue, CLICK HERE

City Council has been asked to amend Bill no. 10-1200 which currently makes these signs illegal, to now make them legal for a $1.00 fee.

We find this impossible to monitor and enforce especially since the city is currently passing up on the opportunity to collect $75.00 for each sign that is already out there!

We'd rather see the current bill stay UN-amended and instead have the laws currently in place aggressively enforced. We find that these signs seriously decay a neighborhood. If the current bill becomes amended, we're confident that Mayfair will be flooded with these signs.

Please help us by signing this petition to prevent Bill no. 10-1200 from being amended to make these bandit signs legal:

If so, sign THIS PETITION.

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