Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Update of Meeting with Captain Bachmayer Re: Vandalism on 4000 Aldine and Teesdale Sts.

From Anna Stacey, PDAC Rep to Mayfair Civic Association and Board Member of Mayfair Townwatch

Tonight's special meeting was called in response to the acts of vandalism which took place recently, specifically on the 4000 Aldine/Teesdale st.
In attendance were:
PPD-Capt. Bachmayer; P/O Krause;
MTW: Milt, Anna, John Jenkins
MCA: Kevin Leonard, Lisa Greco
Tacony Town watch (Joe NIcoletti); Holmesbug(Fred etc);
About 12 neighbors showed up from the 4000 block of Aldine.
Essentially, the entire discussion evolved around potential solutions to this issue. The captain suggested that the neighbors talk to other neighbors and get together to create some form of "block watch". Patrols were discussed and several neighbors said that they would be willing to take shifts and patrol the block on foot. Capt Bachmayer reiterated that this meeting is just the beginning and that both Tacony and Mayfair town watch will initiate patrols as well as there will be marked police vehicles in the area as a deterrent. Capt. suggested that people turn their porch lights on and be very vigilant. He warned that no one should approach suspicious individuals, but should call the police and get a good description.
Capt. stated that a LOT of the 15th resources is being pooled into the whole operation and that the police can't be there for days, so it's crucial that the neighbors start talking to each other. Joe Nicoletti handed out application so they have his contact info. Milt, Tacony and police will be out there tonight.

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