Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Holme Circle Supports Our Opposition to the Methadone Clinic

3032 Fairfield Street

July 18, 2011

In regards to: The Healing Way, INC 7900 Frankford Ave.

Seth J. Kaplan

Chief of Staff

Representative Kevin Boyle

District 172

7518 Frankford Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19136


Dear Seth J. Kaplan,

This letter is to serve as notification to you of Holme Circle Civic Association’s strong and well founded opposition to the opening of a methadone clinic at 7900 Frankford Avenue.

Reasons for our opposition to this are listed below:

The location is 100% unsuitable for a methadone clinic. There is a daycare, two (2) churches and two (2) schools all within 200 yards of the proposed location. The daycare and church are right across the street. Frankford Avenue is also major commercial artery for Mayfair and Holmesburg. Housing a methadone clinic in a busy commercial district will only hurt businesses and jobs in the neighborhoods.

The clientele are drug addicts, and untrustworthy. The assumption is that the adjacent residents and businesses will not trust these addicts. There is a strong possibility of increased burglary, robberies, and theft and frankly the Northeast cannot afford to take these risks. Will the 15th districts receive additional officers?

The majority of drug addicts are smokers, and as you are prohibited to smoke indoors, the individuals will be smoking outside which will result in littering and an intimidation factor to business patrons and neighbors.

A methadone clinic will attract drug dealers to the neighborhood because they will know exactly where to find the buyers. Drug dealing may actually be a direct result of the clinic. It has been documented in numerous cases that users obtain the methadone from the clinic only to turn around and sell it on the street.

Property Value. In addition to the aforementioned reasons, the property value of the surrounding area will decline because home buyers and business patrons will simply choose to move to an area without a methadone clinic.

The Northeast is slowly changing, and not for the better. I am imploring your assistance to help maintain what dignity the Northeast has left.


Joe Razler


Holme Circle Civic Association

cc: Dr. Eli Avila, MD

Secretary, PA Department of Health

8th Floor

625 Forster Street

Harrisburg, PA 17120