Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fw: Mayfair Civic Association please support MMPL Rita's Flier 07-12-11

Mayfair Civic Association

Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2011 16:29:29 -0400
To: Mba<>
Subject: Mayfair Civic Association please support MMPL Rita's Flier 07-12-11

Rita's Water Ice on Frankford & Cottman will be the location for Mayfair Memorial Playgrounds  next fundraiser
Please spread the word!!!!  print and hang in your place of business  to help support!!!


PHILA PA 19149
MOBILE  215-327-4756

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Letters: Help find the hit-and-run driver who almost killed my son

Letters: Help find the hit-and-run driver who almost killed my son

ON SATURDAY morning, my son was crossing Frankford Avenue near Ashburner, and he was struck by a red pickup. The driver left my son to die.

Now he's in Jefferson Hospital in critical condition. I will not rest until justice is done. My son has a broken back and pelvis, 17 broken ribs, a punctured lung and tire marks on his chest, arms and face.

I beg anyone who saw this heinous act to please come forward. Contact the police AID Unit or email me at

William E. Mulligan


Friday, June 03, 2011

May 31, 2011 Mayfair Civic Association Meeting Minutes

Mayfair Civic Association Meeting – May 31, 2011 7PM – John Perzel Community Center

Start Meeting

Captain Bachmeyer, speaks about State Representative Kevin Boyle, and honors him for his Service.

Captain Bachmeyer presents the Award along with Mike Thaite. Award is from the 15th Police District Advisory Council.

Kevin Boyle speaks to the Mayfair Civic Association.

- Excuses himself from missing a prior Civic Meeting for his Wedding in Ireland.

- Discusses a Real Problem, Absentee Landlords. A Big Problem that disgusts Good People in the Neighborhood.

- One of the Hurdles is the fact that Landlords/Property Owners have these Rental Properties in Corporation Names.

- Frank DiCicco pushed Legislation, which passed, stating that Out of Area Landlords must have a Local Contact, Rental Agent.

- Boyle discusses another Topic/Issue he has been working on… Liddonfield Housing Development.

- An exciting development with a Commercial and Residential Component is forthcoming.

- Also mentions his Office Location in Mayfair (at Oakmont). Continued Services, Same Phone Number as his Predecessor.

Mike Thaite, PDAC Presient, discusses the Gun Buy Back Program which has had great success, largely in part to the Generosity of Shop-n-Bag. Also discussed a very successful Mayfair MAY FAIR.

Board Update - Shawn Murphy resigned from the Civic Board. Donny Smith is the New Sergeant-at-Arms, and Kevin Leonard is the New Assistant Sgt-at-Arms.

Mayfair CDC Discussion/Update on New Appointments.

New Interim Chairman – Mike Driscoll;
Remaining Board Members – Tom Smyth, Vickie Schwartz, Teri Grumbecht

New Board Members – Joe DeFelice, Antonette Montgomery, John Sullivan, Tom Forkin, Dave Wyszynski, Tim Burke

Mayfair 5K Fallen Heroes Race, raised over $10,000. Very Successful.

390 Entrants for 2011, Special Thanks to Lisa Greco and Antoinette Montgomery.

Additions of the A-Frames for Sponsors.

Treasurer’s Report

$26, 462 in the Account; $21,000 (approx.) for the Playground.

Mayfair MAY FAIR

Another Great Success. The Bands at the Triangle was Very Good, even with the Late Arrival of Rain.

Three Awards: Kathy Fanning – Crossing Guard (15th PDAC), Reese Hartey (Mayfair Civic), Mark from Shop-n-Bag (Mayfair Business Assoc.)

Zoning – 7309 Frankford Avenue – opposed to check cashing –

- 6316 Sackett st – deli/variety – June 22nd

- Hair salon – ne corner longshore/blvd –

Shuttle – On May 24, 2011 at 7PM, we met with representatives of the taverns, leaders from the business and civic associations along with the town watch and Captain Bachmeyer and one of his sergeants. – It was an initial meeting and everyone agreed that if this event is to continue, it must done differently. Items that were discussed – more security, more police, a takeover by the business association, portapottie trailers, increased fees, no open containers, a press conference, proper signage, etc – we are planning on meeting again in September after we come up with a game plan

East Mayfair Discussion/Update – prior to the meeting, we met with the Holmesburg Civic Association Board and members of no man’s land/unrepresented area (South of Sheffield, North of Cottman, Frankford Ave to the River) to discuss representation of this area – members of that area feel they should be part of the Holmesburg Civic so Holmesburg decided to take it up at their next meeting – Mayfair Civic decided that I Holmesburg rules against it, that they will take it on a temporary basis and expand their boundaries.

Playground Update:

We have reached 43% of Our Fundraising Goal ($21,000) – we have sent solicitations for help to State reps Boyle and McGeehan and City Councilpeople Krajewski, Rizzo, Kelly and Green. Kaboom is ready to move forward with the project, essentially a playground worth roughly $50k donated to us; all they need is permission to build from the School District and the Civic/CDC needs to purchase “Build Day” insurance, which we are in the process of securing, in order to “Hold Harmless” Kaboom and its funding partner.

Easter Egg Hunt, very successful… very successful. 600 Kids, not including Parents. Nearly 1,000 Participants.

Bake Sale was extraordinary. The Tot Area was well received. Krispy Kremes were very generous.

Another Event planned for Early October, Pumpkin Picking. We anticipate another Successful Event.

KABOOM are behind us, 100%. We are awaiting a Letter from the School District, to proceed.

A Letter has been sent to all of our Locally Elected Officials.

Brown Outs Update from Fireman

Groundbreaking for Tacony Firehouse is June.

June 27 - August 4th, Applications Accepted, Online Only

November 12th, November 19th

Barbara Dooley-Rupp

If 85% of the Block is Occupied, Abandoned Houses must be sealed. First they allow the owner to seal it, if they do not do it themselves, the City, through Licenses and Inspections will seal it and assess the Owners for the Costs.

(DOUBLE-CHECK this, First)

Abandoned Car on the Block, Tags/Registration must be Current, to remove the vehicle.

Wawa is still on-going.

WOW, they do plan on Re-Opening and they have expanded. They abandoned the Teen Night, in favor of a Gospel Night.

They also abandoned the Sleepover Events. We do plan on meeting with Michael Slavin and working with him.

An Issue is the Shift Change with the Police Department (15th); we need to ensure adequate coverage when the Events let out.

Mayfair Town-Watch

Milt Martelak: Town-Watch is exploring being present when the Events end and the Crowds let out.

Graffiti has resurged as a Huge Nuisance in our Neighborhood. Please keep your eyes open.

Continued Discussion about Graffiti…

We need to Open Dialogue with the Anti-Graffiti Network, and the Town-Watch and Civics.

Northeast Community Church, the 3rd of July, at Tyson & Rowland (SE Corner).

Moonbounce, Block Party Atmosphere, etc.---Everyone is Welcome

This Wednesday, Bat Salad (Ozzy Osbourne), and Michael LeCompt, Pennypack Music Festival, Every Wednesday

Meeting Adjourned at 8:18pm