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Friday, March 04, 2011

Shamrock Shuttle Update

As you know tomorrow is the annual Shamrock Shuttle. We have heard the neighbors concerns and have come up with a plan to combat any issues that may arise.

We met with the bar owners in early February and they have agreed to have two portapotties each to help alleviate the public urination, added security to curb drunkeness and fights on the bar premises as well as hiring 8 extra police oficers to patrol the areas around Cottman and Frankford and the alleyways adjacent to Frankford and Cottman for crowd control and curbing public urination.


Anonymous said...

I think that patrol should be at the intersection of Englewood and Leon. This year I saw a van and car with a keg in each vehicle. Drunk people kept coming to the car and filling up their cups and then going back to the bars.
I have lived here for seven years and this is the first time I have seen this.
The shuttles are profitable for the bar owners but a nuisance for the neighborhood. It shows to the younger crowd that its okay to get drunk and act like assholes. Thanks Mayfair Civic Association for not fighting to get this shuttle canceled. It gets worse every year.

Joe DeFelice said...

We held a meeting on January 25th and only one neighbor called for cancellation. Many others asked for more security. So we worked with the owners and upped the amount of portapotties from 4 to 26 and the amount of police from regular patrol to regular patrol + 8. Obviously this year was the biggest ever, and the event, if it does happen next year, will have clear bench marks going in. I welcome your attendance at our next meeting.
Joe DeFelice

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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