Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rejection or Continuance of Request for barber Shop at 3506 Cottman Avenue

Mayfair Civic Association

December 14, 2010

Lynette Brown-Sow, Chairperson

Zoning Board of Adjustment

Municipal Services Building

1401 John F. Kennedy Blvd.

Philadelphia, PA 19102

Re: Zoning Application: 3506 Cottman Avenue

Applicant: Kenneth A. Young, Esquire

Date of Hearing: December 15, 2010

Time of Hearing: 2PM

Dear Ms. Brown-Sow:

Please accept this letter on behalf of the Mayfair Civic Association (“MCA”) which represents the neighbors of the Mayfair community. The MCA has made several attempts to set up a meeting with the above named applicant; who has refused to respond to our numerous requests. Therefore, we request a denial to the above application for the purpose of a barber shop. The use of this property, located at 3506 Cottman Avenue, is not permissible by § 14-1619, Tacony/Mayfair Special District Controls (known customarily as “the Overlay”) which states:

(3) Prohibited Uses. For all commercially zoned properties with frontage on Frankford Avenue between Harbison Avenue and Solly Avenue, as well as all commercially zoned properties with frontage on Cottman Avenue between Leon Street and Erdrick Street, and notwithstanding any other Chapter of this Title, the following uses shall be prohibited:

(a) Barber and/or beauty shops;

(b) Bars, pubs and taverns;

(c) Consignment shops;

(d) Employment agencies;

(e) Restaurants;

(f) Retail Sales of beauty products and/or wigs;

This Overlay states that new barbershops are restricted from doing business within the stated boundaries; where in 3506 Cottman Avenue is located. This was to ensure that there is not overabundance of one type of business in a set area, whereas in this case, there are a minimum of six types of this particular business in a three (3) block area.

However, in the alternative, should the Zoning Board of Adjustment (“ZBA”) not deny the petition based upon the above referenced Overlay, we respectfully ask that the ZBA continue this matter so that the neighborhood may have an opportunity to meet with the applicant.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at the above number.

Very truly yours,

Joe De Felice sig _____________________

Joseph J. DeFelice, Esq.



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