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Monday, November 29, 2010

Notice Re: Cell Tower at Frankford and Wellington

Dear Neighbors,
Please accept this as notice of a Cell Phone Tower to be installed on the east side of Frankford Avenue at Wellington St (behind the Hunan Star restaurant). Originally we were contacted by the Petitioner about establishing this tower at Cottman and Frankford Aves near the northside of the bank. We, as we always do, through our Secretary, Pete McDermott, notified the Petitioner that in order to get the neighborhood's support, they would have to fill out our intake form and appear in front of the Civic Association after proper notice had been rendered to the surrounding neighbors and businesses. Shortly thereafter, Mr Orphanides, who represented the Petitioner, stated that they had secured a permit for this tower on the Eastside of Frankford Ave and Northside of Wellington St and therefore would not need to present in front of tomorrow's Civic meeting. Because cell phone towers are usually hot button issues for areas, we want to notify our neighbors that the area where this will be installed falls outside of the Civic and Business Association's boundaries and we are therefore unable to weigh-in.
However, should you have any questions in regards to this proposed tower, please forward them to us and we will pass them on to the appropriate party.
Thank you
Joe DeFelice
President, Mayfair Civic Association