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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Mayfair Civic Association Meeting Minutes

The following are abbreviated minutes from Tuesday's meeting at Lincoln High School.

Meeting begins approx 7:10PM. Attendees slightly over 50.

President Joe DeFelice begins the meeting by thanking everyone for coming and thanking Lincoln High School for hosting. We normally have our meetings at the Perzel Center and they will go back there for the November 30, 2010 @ 7PM.

Copies of the proposed bylaws were passed around.

DeFelice announced that 15th District Captain Bachmeyer would be hosting a Captains townhall at the the Perzel Center on Thursday October 7, 2010 at 7PM.

DeFelice then announced the appointment of officers: Mike Williams will serve as Legal Counsel and Vice-President, Suzanne St. Marie as Treasurer, Pete McDermott as Recording Secretary (who will also handle Zoning), and Shawn Murphy as Sgt at Arms. Mike Serverson will serve as Corresponding (Asst.) Secretary and Donny Smith will serve as Asst. Sgt. at Arms.

DeFelice then turned to Pete McDermott for a reading of the previous months special meeting as well as a Zoning Update.

McDermott began by reading a portion of the meeting minutes but was stopped partially of the way through in order to expedite matters and the minutes were approved.

McDermott began the Zoning portion by stating
- The Civic Association had won its battle against Paddy Whacks opening a proposed location at Glenview and Frankford when the zoning board ruled against a change in variance specifically the overlay ordinance which states no new bars or restaurants on Frankford Ave.
-The Civic recently approved the application of a Cricket Cell Phone store at Frankford and Wellington with provisos.
-The Civic denied an application of a 12 child daycare that wanted to open in the basement of a residence at 3101 Fanshawe St.
-The Civic made an executive decision to deny any applications for zoning where the proposed is a single family residence to a duplex, triplex, or boarding (Rooming) house or a duplex to triplex. -They also denied all applications that ask for businesses in residential basements because they believe that we have enough available storefronts currently available in Mayfair.
-The Civic denied an application for a rooming house on the 3200 block of Rawle St as well as a proposed triplex on Fairfield Street.
-The Civic will support the development of a Super Wawa at Tyson and the Blvd with provisos, such as a slightly different exterior, removal of trash and delivery from residential sight lines as well as sponsorship for local charities etc.
-The Civic is still in discussions with the 1st Northeast International Supermarket, whom the denied Zoning for in June, about potential issues facing neighbors in the immediate vicinity.
-The Civic has been in constant discussions with Eric Matson re: the stores at Cottman and Frankford that had been posting unsightly plywood fronts.
- Finally, the Civic announced that Cricket is seeking zoning for a cell phone tower at Cottman and Frankford.

Suzanne St. Marie gave a Treasurers report as well as an update on the Mayfair Holmesburg Parade which is back on the Avenue this year.
The Civic currently roughly $3K in the bank earmarked for a separate account dealing with the lots behind 3400 Ryan and Cottman; close to $14K in a separate account for the rebuilding of the Mayfair Memorial Playground and another $1050 in a separate account earmarked for zoning attorney Joe Beller.

Parade Update - Sue is bringing the Parade back to the Avenue with the Mayfair Business Association as well as support from many local businesses and groups. She is looking for help and can be reached at or at 215-333-2712 or by stopping by Bella Lisa Hair Studio at 3530 Cottman Ave.

Bylaws were unanimously approved after being posted online fore the previous three months for comment.

Melinda Mulvenna, who was previously named Chair of the Mayfair Memorial Playground Committee, waived her reading of an update and instead asked President DeFelice to read it.
DeFelice stated that the Civic and the Friends of Mayfair Memorial Playground had come a long way and are currently sitting at close to $14k in the bank. He also stated that he is working closely with a generous benefactor re donation of slightly used playground equipment that "we can put in there until we raise enough for new equipment". He also stated that they are working very closely with Jeff Cardwell from the School District of Philadelphia to raise funds for installation and matting and Cardwell believes that he he can help secure the funding for the new equipment. The Civic recently has dropped 750 envelopes to area residents asking for donations and had another 500 waiting to be dropped.

DeFelice announced that the 3rd Annual Mayfair Fallen Heroes Run would be held in early May and that the Civic would honor the Memory of slain Sgt Patrick McDonald.

DeFelice then turned the microphone over to Don Anticoli, the principal of Lincoln High School who ran through a litany of updates and answered a plethora of questions aimed at him from what time does class start to how come there aren't many neighborhood kids at the school. He explained that there are plenty neighborhood kids and that they come from as far south as Ziegler in Frankford and as far north as up near Holy Family and through the schools that go to Austin Meehan. He also stated that the fields in the front of the School would be used for soccer, field hockey and tennis and that the memorial would be moved to the Ryan Avenue side. He stated that the 88 bus would actually enter school property so as to make it easier for students to get on the bus and cut down on how many students are wandering the neighborhood after school. He also introduced some administrators as well as the president of their Home and School association who spoke and is seeking volunteers. He stated that Lincoln will try to work closely with the Lansing Knights for more accessibility to their fields.

The Civic thanked Lincoln, reminded people to regularly their website, reiterated Captain Bachmeyer's townhall on Oct 7, 2010 at 7Pm and concluded the meeting at 8:34PM.

If there are any portion of these minutes that are missing or need editing, either comment below or email us at


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