Friday, September 03, 2010

Wednesday's Zoning Board Hearing Re: Paddy Whacks

We'd like to thank everyone from both sides that participated in Wednesday's Zoning Board hearing at 1818 Arch Street. It was an excellent display of civic activism. Win or lose, we made our voice heard and such activism makes us proud to call Mayfair our home.
Additional thanks to everyone involved in this process from the neighbors of 3300 Glenview and Knorr who drove and pushed this issue, to the countless neighbors that called the Councilwoman, wrote letters to the Zoning Board and went door to door handing out flyers. Lastly to Paddy Whacks for sitting down with the neighbors and listening to their concerns. No decision was made Wednesday as the Board took the case under advisement and will issue a ruling in the near future.

Thank you,
The Mayfair Civic Association Executive Board

Joe DeFelice, President
Mike Williams, Vice-President
Suzanne St. Marie, Treasurer
Pete McDermott, Secretary
Mayfair Civic Association


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