Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thanksgiving Parade and More

From Board Member Suzanne St. Marie:

This email is an update to the parades after speaking with Gary Cozens and Reese Hartey today by phone. Unless absolutely necessary we will not need to meet.

The Holiday parade as of 2010 has changed hands from the Optimist club to the Mayfair Business Association. The parade will be held on Sunday November 21st with a rain date of the following week. Gary Cozens has been a great help in mentoring through this 1st year process for us. On the phone today he cleared up the talk about the Parade of talent at the Perzel Center. The Optimist club will not hold an event as long as the parade goes on. The Optimist club has a long history with the children of this community. Their major concerns are making sure the kids get Santa and the Mrs. and the children get to display their talents from the dance schools etc.

With that said the Von Stuben day parade will continue as it always has. If they are in the need of extra help they can reach out to the MBA and Mayfair Civic Association. Both organizations are now working in sync hand and hand.

Great work Sue!

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