Thursday, August 12, 2010

Paddy Whacks Update

On Monday evening, approx 40 neighbors came out for another Paddy Whacks meeting because Paddy Whacks changed into original application from nightclub with take out to restaurant/bar. There was some discussion with one neighbor, from the 3300 block of Longshore, voicing his optimism that Paddy Whacks would bring "much needed jobs" to the area, the neighbrs decided that the risk far outweighed the reward and voted unanimously to oppose (the lone proponent had left before the vote was taken). They cited the same concerns that they had previously; it goes against the existing overlay, parking would be a nightmare, there would be added trash, added traffic, etc.
The group also spoke of hiring a zoning atty as well as adopting all the work they had done thus far. They collected money and reaffirmed that there would be a bus for the Zoning hearing Still no date for the Zoning hearing, once there is one, we'll pass it along.

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