Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Fw: [MayfairBiz] Zoning Update

Update from the Mayfair Business Association.

Joseph J DeFelice, Esq.
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Subject: [MayfairBiz] Zoning Update

The gas station folks just called to say they are going withdrawal the application for a laundry (Joe, who can we ask to watch to make sure that happens?). I understand they will be running it as a gas station.

The property has new signage on the pumps and pennants and looks pretty good, so we have reason to be optimistic that they will run a good operation.

I am hoping to still meet with them at some point today to welcome them to the neighborhood and our business community. I will ask them then what else they plan to do with the property.

We are still on with the engineers at 6:15pm.

Mike Scotese

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