Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Fw: [MayfairBiz] Two Zoning Issues

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Subject: [MayfairBiz] Two Zoning Issues

The Mayfair Business Association has two new zoning issues.

1) Proposed laudromat at 6300 Frankford Ave. They wish to demolish the gas station at replace it with another one story building.

2) 6200 Frankford Ave. An engineering firm, located in Frankford for about 30 years, has bought the 6200 Medical Building. To occupy the 2nd floor, they need a zoning change of use from medical offices to engineering. The 1st floor will remain rented for medical.

We have meetings set up with each applicant. Both are tomorrow (Wed 07/07) at The Grey Lodge (6235 Frankford). 6pm for Laundromat. 6:15pm for Engineers. We will be holding these meetings jointly with The Mayfair Civic Assoc.

Anyone who wishes to attend is welcome. If you cannot attend, but have a concern, please email me and I will raise the issue for you.


Mike Scotese

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