Thursday, June 24, 2010

Meeting Minutes from the Second Paddy Whacks Meeting

Mayfair Civic Association Meeting 6/22/10 prepared by Suzann St. Marie Treas/

Officers present: Joseph DeFelice Pres. Mike Williams VP, Suzann St. Marie Treas/
Continued meeting from 6/14/10 regarding 3300 Glenview Street “vs” proposed Paddy
Whacks location at 6800 Frankford Ave
Agenda: Weighing pros and cons of Proposed Paddy Whacks location ending with a
- 60+ people in attendance
- Unanimous vote against Proposed Paddy Whack location.
- A handful of neighbors volunteered to to represent their neighboring blocks and
continue the campaign against the proposed zoning. Other neighbors gave contact
information to get involved in current and future mayfair projects.
Moving forward the following the following actions were suggested and will be carried
out by the neighbors and the Mayfair Civic association.
- Letters written
- Attend zoning board meeting Wednesday July 28th at 4pm.
- More signatures for petition.
- Facebook alerts
- Blogs
- Possible council retained
Meeting ended on a positive note. Next meeting to be announced in near future.
Start 7:10
End 7:50

Both owner and Counsel for Paddy Whacks were notified of the decision.
Such decision was posted herein as well as to the Mayfair Civic Association Facebook page and to our meetup group:

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Neighbors Shoot Down Paddy Whacks proposal - Civic Stands with neighbors.

Last night the neighbors (roughly 60 in attendance) spoke (loudly and unanimously) and the Mayfair Civic Association will be opposing a zoning variance request for the proposed Paddy Whacks at Frankford and Glenview. More information to follow including meeting minutes, letter to the Board, plans, etc

Monday, June 21, 2010

Meeting Minutes from the First Paddy Whacks Meeting

Courtesy of Suzanne St. Marie, Secretary/Treasurer of the Mayfair Civic Association.
7:00 PM
Attendees: Joe Defelice Pres., Mike Williams Vice Pres., Suzann St. Marie Treas.,
Lisa Greco Treas. Mayfair Business Association. Linda Lawrence from Council Women
Joan Krajewski╩╝s office.
Paddy Whacks proposed site 6810 Frankford Ave.
In Attendance for:
Casey Jones Owner
Matt Jones Owner
Donald Jones Owner
40+ residents in attendance
• Restaurant style facility compared to Tonys and Chickie and Pete “not a beer and
shot place” . Still a bar nonetheless.
• Two stories with 2nd floor as a small banquet facility.
• Max total occupants 100
• Six pack sales as a convenience to patrons No forties, quarts, or malts to be sold.
• Take out food permit obtained however only 1% of estimated business.
• Catering
• Decretive fence separating business and residential view
• Trash removal limit time 8 am - 11 am
• 2 parking spots for deliveries
• 2 spots handicap Rear
• 2 spots trash behind decretive fence
• Operating hours 11 am - 2 am
• Frankford ave entrance with Grand opening doors with steps leading up.
• Ventilation for food on south side of building
• Jan.1st 2011 proposed opening
• Signage over grand entrance and possible on side
• Smoking only on Frankford avenue side none on back or sides of building.
• 3 other locations
• Welsh/Blvd.
• Comly/Blvd.
• 2nd/South streets
• Staff majority is local mayfair residents

Petitions turned in from neighbors that are opposed to the business, roughly every home on the 3300 block of Glenview appeared to sign.
Concerns currently: trash, weeds, glass, broken railing, and underage drinking behind
Future concerns:
• Parking
• Drunk drivers
• Potential underage drinking
• Public urinating
• One way street traffic on Glenview
• Beer trucks unloading in back
• Trash
• Extra traffic in alley where children play,
• Noise from patrons leaving and live entertainment
• Playing host to bachelor parties, St. Patrick╩╝s day shuttles etc.
• Hours of operation
• Deteriorating quality of life for the neighbors
• People will have to sell their homes

Proposed possibilities that were suggested by Paddy Whacks:
Trash pick up and deliveries from front of the building only.
Meeting ended 8:25 pm

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Autistic Endeavors Fundraiser

Autistic Endeavors Beef and Bowl

Thunderbird Lanes
3081 Holme Ave ( at Willits Rd.)
Saturday / June 19th,2010
9:30 pm - 12:30am

$ 35 individual ( includes ; bowling,food,beer,soda and DJ )
50 / 50 and Chinese Auction

Food Sponsored by:

For tickets and info contact :
Aimee Boothman

Meeting: Paddy Whacks Follow Up

Paddy Whacks Follow Up Meeting

Date: Tuesday June 22, 2010

Time: 7PM

Place: John Perzel Community Center

2990 St. Vincent Street

This meeting will be a follow up meeting to last week's Zoning Meeting to discuss the next steps in this matter.




215-292-3926 267-334-0118



The Zoning hearing at the Zoning Board of Adjustment is continued until July 27, 2010 at 4PM per Shawn Ward, attorney for Paddy Whacks who sent the below letter to the Zoning Board of Adjustment in response to the neighborhood's request:

June 17, 2010

Hon. Lynette Brown-Sow, Chairman


Municipal Services Building

11th Floor

Philadelphia, PA 19102-2097


Cal. No.: 11681

Address: 6810 Frankford Ave.

Hrg. Date: 6/16/2010; 4:00 p.m.

Applicant: CMJ Properties, LLC

Dear Madam Chairman:

Kindly note that I represent the applicant in the above-referenced matter. The applicant met with Mayfair Civic Association and the Mayfair Business Association to review the proposed plans for the restaurant. The discussion revealed several issues for which an agreement is being prepared between the applicant and the community.

Pursuant to my discussion today with Linda Lawrence of Councilwoman Krajewski’s office, I submit this letter jointly requesting that this matter be continued for a minimum period of 6 weeks or until July 28, 2010.

I would like to thank you in advance for your consideration of this request. Should the board have any questions, please call me at the office. As always, my correspondence is…

Respectfully submitted,

Shawn Ward


Attorney for Applicant

Copy: Matthew Jones (Applicant)

Linda Lawrence (6th Dist)

Joe DeFelice, Esq. (Mayfair C.A.)

Sunday, June 13, 2010















215-292-3926 267-334-0118



Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Northeast International Supermarket, Forbidden Beauty Day Spa Update

We recently held a zoning meeting where Wai Ho from NE International Supermarket proposed his new businesses at the old National Wholesale Liquidators location at Brous and St. Vincent. Mr. Ho was gracious enough to request a continuance so that we could meet as a Community with he and his partner. We recently presented Mr. Ho with many issues (some quite serious) that the Civic found with his proposal. Rather than trying to ram through a shoddy agreement or declining to support their efforts without the full possibility for discussion, Mr Ho is going to request a continuance tomorrow June 9, 2010 so that we can hammer through the details.

Also, we will also be giving a proviso letter to Elizabeth Rodriguez, of the former Forbidden Beauty Day Spa, so that she can operate her spa business within the tenets of the Mayfair Business Community.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Northeast Now Meeting

From John Vearling, President of Mayfair Townwatch:

Just a reminder our next roundtable meeting is scheduled for
PERZEL COMMUNITY CENTER Please invite anyone you think will help our cause and is a mover and shaker, please forward me all names and email addresses of anyone invited. Our first meeting  was terrific lets keep it going this will only be as big as we make it and I don't need to tell you the northeast needs this.  
John Vearling

Joseph J DeFelice, Esq.
Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Update from the Civic Association's May Meeting

Over 100 people attended last week's Mayfair Civic Association ("MCA") meeting. President Joe DeFelice introduced the interim Executive Board for the MCA: President Joe DeFelice, Vice-President Mike Williams, and Secretary-Treasurer Suzanne St. Marie with other roles still tto be filled. These roles are spelled out in the MCA's new by-laws which are posted at the bottom and will be voted on at the MCA's next meeting, Tuesday September 28, 2010.

Some topics that were covered:
Success of the 2010 Mayfair "May Fair" and how over 1000 peoplepacked Frankford Avenue foor sidewalk sales, giveaways, inflatable slides, pony rides, exhibitions with a special thank you to the 15th PDAC and the Soft Pretzel Factory for merging their events with the May Fair.

Success of the 2010 Mayfair Fallen Heroes Run where nearly 300 runners and walkers came out to Lincoln High School at 8 O'Clock in the morning to celebrate the life of fallen Fire fighter John Redmond who succumbed in a Church fire in 1994. Many members of the Redmond family were on hand and received a plaque from the MCA, Mayfair Business Association and the Mayfair CDC. The event raised over $12,000, with $5,000 going to the Hero Thrill Show and the rest, roughly $7,000, going to the Mayfair Memorial Playground.

An ongoing project of the MCA is rebuilding the Mayfair Memorial Playground, before the $7,000 raised from the Fallen Heroes Run, the MCA had raised roughly $4,000. The MCA has submitted to the Philadelphia Activities Fund Grant and is waiting for approval. We are also waiting on final determination of a $500 bond to the Mayfair Improvement Association that has been donated to the MCA and has accrued to the value of $3,700. With an additional $5,000 in supplies from Home Depot and the possibility that KA-BOOM will pick up a portion of the cost of the playground, we are well on our way to this dream becoming a reality. Last weekend, Joe DeFelice and Mike Williams went out to the playground location and measured and photographed the 2,500 sq feet of space where the equipment would go.

DeFelice also let the crowd know that the survey on the lot of land behind 3400 Ryan and Cottman had finally begun and so neighbors should be happy about that after several years of back and forth as to what would go at that location. Finally the neighbors settled on buying several parcels for detached backyards.

Finally the MCA got down to the most pressing issues (and the reason for the attendance), the zoning and business issues pertaining to Forbidden Beauty Day Spa and well as Northeast Supermarket at the former National Wholesale Liquidators location:

Northeast Supermarket:

The Supermarket was going for a zoning variance to request that several stores within the locale be permitted to have takeout. Apparently there are several isssues that the neighbors had with respect to the proposed businesses such as trash, volume of traffic, types of takeout, type of labor going on within the business, whether the business was associated with any other businesses in the area specifically those down along Washington Avenue, design of signage and outside structure, whether there would be liquor, whther all permits were pulled properly, etc.
The MCA reserved its decision until further notice.

Forbidden Beauty Day Spa:

Ms Gonzalez from Forbidden Beauty Day Spa presented to the members of MCA and explained that the name may have been picked poorly. She was questioned pretty roughly by the neighbors in attendance about whether this was a good business for the neighborhood. Many questioned her business plan, whether this business would fit into the location, whether Ms Gonzalez, would herself be safe at night, whether they had passed all zoning issues. Many also had issues with the art work on the pamphlets as well as the types of services offered.
The MCA reserved its decision until further notice, however it appears that because of a recent zoning overlay,m businesses like this are limited and therefore not allowed to open under the code.
Lastly a representative from the City gave a presentation on lead based paint screening.

By-Laws - post comments with any questions that you have and we will try to address before our next meeting.

Mayfair Civic Association

Constitution and By-Laws

Adopted May 25, 2010


Section I This Organization, to be known as the MAYFAIR CIVIC ASSOCIATION, shall be organized to protect and promote the best interests of the residents within its jurisdiction, to represent the community in those matters pertaining to the safety and maintenance of the area, and to assure that Mayfair will continue to be desirable area in which to live.

Section II The area to be served by the Association will be from Harbison Ave to the South, Frankford Ave to the East, Rhawn Street to the North, and Roosevelt Blvd to the West.

Section III The Executive Body of the Association shall be composed of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Sgt. at Arms, Legal Counsel and a Board of Directors.

Section IV Standing Committees appointed by the President shall be as follows:

Zoning Committee

Mayfair Memorial Playground Committee

Mayfair Business Association

Mayfair Townwatch


Section V Additional Committees shall be appointed as needed.


Article 1

Duties of the President

Section 1. The President shall be Chief Executive Officer of the Association charged with the duty of supervising all of its functions, subject to the orders of the Board of Directors.

Section 2. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and the board of Directors and maintain order therein.

Section 3. The President shall put all questions, when duly seconded, to a vote and announce their disposal.

Section 4. The President shall be empowered to sign all checks in payment of bills that have been previously sanctioned by the Board of Directors, regular membership meeting of four-fifths (4/5) Executive Board vote.

Section 5. The President shall a member ex-officio of all committees.

Article 2

Duties of the Vice-President

Section 1. It shall be the duty of the Vice-President to perform all the duties of the President in his or her absence.

Section 2. The Vice-President shall assist the President in any duties when request.

Section 3. It shall be the duty of the Vice-President to determine the vote on special amendments and issues that require a majority vote.

Article 3

Duties of the Treasurer

Section 1. It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to receive, or collect, all funds that are the property of the Association and to give a receipt therefore.

Section 2. The Treasurer shall sign the checks to pay all bills which have been previously approved by the Board of Directors, when they are countersigned by the President, Vice President or Secretary.

Section 3. The Treasurer shall keep a record book of the monies received showing the source thereof and a record of bills and expenditures and to whom paid.

Section 4. The Treasurer shall render to the Association at each regular meeting an itemized report of the sums received and from what source, the expenditures since the last report and the balance on hand.

Section 5. The Treasurer shall submit the book and official documents of the Board of Directors upon request (who shall act as an auditing committee) to enable them to make a proper report.

Section 6. The Treasurer shall submit the books and official documents to the Board of Directors two weeks (14 days) prior to the Treasurer’s election.

Article 4

Duties of the Secretary

Section 1. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep the minutes of the meetings of the Association and the Board of Directors, be the custodian of the records and perform such other duties may be assigned to him/her by the Board of Directors of the President.

Section 2. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to notify the Board of Directors of regular and special meetings.

Section 3. The Secretary shall report and/or read all communications pertaining to the business of the Association at the meetings.

Section 4. It shall be the responsibility of the Secretary to run or appoint (with majority Executive Board consent) an impartial individual to run scheduled elections.

Article 5

Duties of the Sergeant at Arms

Section 1. It shall be the duty of the Sgt. At Arms to act as the Parliamentarian of the Association.

Section 2. The Sgt at Arms shall also be the body that recognizes floor speakers if a microphone or recognition is necessary.

Article 6

Duties of the Legal Counsel

Section 1. The Legal Counsel shall be responsible for all legal issues that arise before the Association. If any such elected officer of the board is a licensed Attorney, they shall also serve in the capacity of Legal Counsel as long as they are not the President. If no such member exists, such Counsel shall be appointed by the President.

Article 7

Board of Directors

Section 1. The Board of Directors shall consist of all the elected officers, the Executive Director of the Mayfair Community Development corporation, the Mayfair Townwatch and the Mayfair Business Association.

Section 2. Meetings of the Board must be held in March and September of each year and whenever else the President sees fit.

Section 3. Meetings of the Board shall take place within two weeks prior to the March and September General membership meeting.

Section 4. Meetings of the General Membership shall be the last Tuesday of every odd month except July (January, March, May, September, and November).

Section 5. Other meetings such as those convened for special purposes or zoning issues shall be called and fixed by the President, preferably in even months.

Section 6. The Board of Directors shall designate the Bank or Savings Association as the depository for funds of the Association.

Section 7. Checks may be drawn on the Association’s account upon the signature of the Treasurer with approval of the President.

Section 8. The Board of Directors, after discussion, consideration and majority vote, shall be empowered to expel a member or officer from the Board who may be deemed detrimental to the welfare and operation of the Association.

Article 8


Section 1. All Standing Committees will be appointed at the first meeting of the Board of Directors following such election meeting.

Section 2. All Select Committees will be appointed when created.

Article 9


Section 1. The Boundaries shall be from Harbison Ave to the South, Frankford Ave to the East, Rhawn Street to the North, and Roosevelt Blvd to the West.

Article 10

Dues and Fiscal Year

Section 1. Yearly Dues for the Association are ten (10) Dollars.

Section 2. The Fiscal Year of the Organization shall begin in September and end in August.

Article 11

Elections of the Executive Board

Section 1. The Election of the Executive Board shall occur every odd year at the second meeting following the first meeting of the fiscal year.

Section 2. Each Board Member may only serve three consecutive terms in any Board Office.

Section 3. In the event of a death, resignation, removal of any executive board member, their role shall be filled in the interim by appointment of the president with a vote of the entire Executive Board. Such appointment shall only be an Interim appointment whereas nominations will be held at the next General Membership meeting whereas elections will be held at the next General Membership meeting.

Article 12


Section 1. The website for the Association shall be

Fw: Rally to Save Libraries Thursday

Joseph J DeFelice, Esq.
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From: Friends of the Free Library <>
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2010 10:31:22 -0400 (EDT)
To: <>
Subject: Rally to Save Libraries Thursday

From Sherrie Cohen
Friends of the David Cohen Ogontz Library
Coalition to Save the Libraries
This Thursday, June 3, 9:15 AM, outside Room 400, City Council Chambers, 4th Floor, City Hall; then we'll Rally in front of the Mayor's Office on the 2nd Floor; Organized by the Coalition to Save the Libraries.

Last year, we all saved the libraries!!!, but the Mayor still cut $8 million - 20% of the library budget, reduced library hours from 6 to 5 days a week, and eliminated over 100 positions.

In the last year and a half, through 2009 and much of 2010, rolling closures remained the rule, due to a shortage of security guards and other staff and Library Director Reardon's "rule of 4," requiring that 4 people, including a guard, be present in every library, or else the library would be closed.

From October 2009 through April 2010, an average of 4.2 of the system's 54 branches have been closed EVERY day, due to staffing or building issues.

Due to the rolling closures, in a 9-month period of fiscal year 2010, the number of visits by patrons to branch libraries was down 16% over a comparable period in fiscal 2009.

On March 1, the Mayor pledged to representatives of many of our Friends groups citywide that there would be NO further cuts to our libraries in next year's budget.

On May 20, the Mayor announced $20 million in cuts to next year's budget, including $2.5 million in cuts to libraries, in order to cut over 50 library workers and reduce library hours from 5 to 4 days a week. If the Mayor succeeds in his plan, we will have lost 2 out of 6 library days in neighborhood branches during the last 2 years!!!

This plan will be effective July 1, UNLESS WE STOP THESE CUTS TO OUR LIBRARIES!

Come out to the Rally at City Hall on June 3, and spread the word!

On Thursday, June 3, we will begin at 9:15 AM with a press conference/rally outside of City Council chambers, Room 400 on the 4th Floor of City Hall, and then march to the Mayor's Office on the 2nd Floor.  The Rally will focus on cuts to libraries, youth violence prevention programs, and fire companies.

Whether or not you can participate in the Rally, please call the Mayor's office on Thursday at 215-686-2181.  DEMAND NO MORE CUTS TO OUR NEIGHBORHOOD BRANCHES!!!

Click here to read a recent Philadelphia Inquirer article detailing the cuts.

Thank you for all you do for our libraries.

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