Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Philadelphia 2035

the comprehensive plan
call: 215-683-4672
The comprehensive plan will guide
the City’s future for the next 25 years.
It is the blueprint for our City that
will thrive with new growth and
opportunities, connect to the region
and the world and renew its valued
resources for future generations.

Tuesday, June 8th
6:30 - 8:30 PM
Knowlton Mansion
8001 Verree Road

Please join the
Philadelphia City Planning Commission
for an engaging evening
to imagine your visions of

Fw: A chance to shape libraries-Libraries of the Future Public Forums

Aside from my duties as President of the Mayfair Civic, I am also on the Board of the Friends of the Free Library. See the email below from our Executive Director re: Libraries of the Future Public Forum at the John Perzel Center on Wed. June 2, 2010 at 615PM.
Joe DeFelice.

Joseph J DeFelice, Esq.
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From: Amy Dougherty <>
Date: Wed, 26 May 2010 14:10:11 -0400
To: Joe DeFelice<>
Subject: A chance to shape libraries-Libraries of the Future Public Forums

Come out and help us plan for our free library's future at the "Libraries of the Future" Public Forum on Wednesday, June 2nd, 6:15-8:30 at the John Perzel Community Center - 2990 St. VIncent St. 19149

You are invited to share your ideas and discuss a variety of subjects, such as how you use your library today, how these services can be improved  and your vision is for the future of the 54 branch Free Library system. 

These fun and friendly forums will be led by Jennifer Livingston Huber, organizational facilitator and founder of Shift LLC. Huber has assisted many local and national businesses and non-profits reach their goals by engaging audiences in focused conversation. "Participants will get to envision their ideal library and work together to create an actual image of their vision," said Huber.

"Our goal is to provide a positive and productive environment in which we can converse with our neighbors and turn the page on the public's view of library services," said Amy Dougherty, Director of the Friends of the Free Library of Philadelphia.  "By taking an active and progressive part in planning for the Free Library system's future, the public-at-large, along with our Friends Groups, become crucial participants in its future."

For more information call 215-567-4562 or go to our website:

Hope to see you there. 

Amy Dougherty
Friends of the Free Library of Philadelphia
1901 Vine St.  Phila. PA 19103
O: 215-567-4562   C: 267-254-5768  
Fax: 215-567-1328

The Friends of the Free Library, founded in 1973, is an independent, non-profit charitable organization that stewards equitable library service through neighborhood based Friends Groups who volunteer to support their local branch library.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


In order to receive up to the minute updates from the Mayfair Civic Association, sign up at mayfair-civic-association@googlegroups.com and also visit
Mayfair Civic Association

Alex's Lemonade Stand at Marinucci's

Mayfair resident and cancer survivor Corin (5 years old) is hosting an Alex's Lemonade Stand tomorrow at Marinucci's Deli from 11:30am-3:00pm. Pass the word.
Mayfair Civic Association

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mayfair raises $10k as part of daylong neighborhood celebration - from

Mayfair raises $10k as part of daylong neighborhood celebration2


Picture 1

The Mayfair Business Association’s third annual Mayfair May Fair and the second annual Fallen Heroes 5K Run were held on Saturday.

The event kicked off with the 5K run at 8:30 a.m. at Sackett Street and Ryan Avenue. Runners traveled around Pennypack Park and Abraham Lincoln High School, and finished at the Mayfair Memorial Playground at Rowland Avenue and Vista Street.

Mayfair Civic Association President Joe DeFelice said roughly just under 300 people ran the race. They raised a little more than $10,000.

All of the proceeds are to benefit the rebuilding of Mayfair Memorial Playground and the Hero Thrill Show Fund, which provides for the children of Philadelphia police officers and firefighters killed or disabled in the line of duty.

Each year, money is given to the fund in the name of one fallen police officer or firefighter. This year, the honoree was John Redmond, a firefighter from the neighborhood who died at the Rising Sun Baptist Church Fire in South Philadelphia in 1994.

Following an award ceremony at the playground, the Fair began along Frankford Avenue from Rhawn Street to Harbison Avenue. It included live music, give-aways, sidewalk sales from local businesses and free food.

The May Fair was founded 3 years ago by Grey Lodge owner and Mayfair Business Association President Mike “Scoats” Scotese, as a way to bring family entertainment to Frankford Avenue and to bolster commerce and community. read more here

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mayfair Civic Association May Meeting

The Mayfair Civic Association will meet next Tuesday May 25, 2010 at 7pm at the John Perzel Community Center.

We will discuss several topics:
The Success of the Mayfair "May Fair" and Fallen Heroes Run
Our bylaws
The survey of the Lot
Summer Plans
Zoning Issues - specifically "Forbidden Day Spa" at Tudor and Frankford, the new group of stores at the National Wholesale Liquidators location,
Open Forum
Joe DeFelice, President

Mayfair Fallen Heroes Run Results

Name Age/Sex Age Group Placing Time Joseph Sharp M/19 1st Overall Male 19:13 Matt Frlich M/23 2nd Overall Male 19:36 Pedro Suto M/32 3rd Overall Male 19:59 Michael Williams M/30 1st 30-39 21:03 Joe Schulle m/39 2nd 30-39 21:04 Justin Irlich M/27 1st 20-29 21:06 Joseph Sharp M/46 1st 40-49 21:08 Chris Leary M/33 3rd 30-39 21:19 Dennis O'Rourke M/57 1st 50-59 21:46 Maureen Berren F/29 !st Overall Female 22:35 Kelly Ryan F/24 2nd Overall Female 22:45 Dave Wyszynski M/40 2nd 40-49 22:47 Dennis Elmer M/33 22:48 Michael O'Rourke M/29 2nd 20-29 22:49 Stephen Kennedy M/20 3rd 20-29 22:52 Joe Smith M/55 2nd 50-59 23:02 James Berghaier M/18 1st 19 and Under 23:06 Brian Donath M/36 23:07 Katie Conti F/31 3rd Overall Female 23:10 Timothy Wilson M/33 23:12 Bonnie Hopwood F/30 1st 30-39 23:14 Kevin Kelly M/43 3rd 40-49 23:25 Liam Slavin M/23 23:40 Kelly Smith F/31 2nd 30-39 23:47 Vince Moffat M/34 23:48 Karl Bispels M/36 23:49 Amy Abecunas F/36 3rd 30-39 23:53 Christine McShea F/41 1st 40-49 23:54 Lisa Baletine F/33 23:59:00 Dan Coyne M/22 24:00:00 Jeff Segrest M/29 24:01:00 Scott lash M/49 24:05:00 Antoniette Montgomery F/47 2nd 40-49 24:08:00 Jay Bosan M/39 24:10:00 Dan Mayey M/24 24:14:00 Timothy Hair M/46 24:25:00 Stephen Voudouris M/56 3rd 50-59 24:35:00 Matt Darrah M/32 24:45:00 Jake Curran M/12 2nd 19& Under 24.47.04 Jerry Curran M/45 24:47:75 Marr StMarie M/48 24:51:00 Patrick Wesner M/32 24:53:00 Lselie Orien F/35 24:54:00 Rita Elmer F/26 1st 20-29 24:56:00 Adrian Karch M/64 1st 60-60 24:58:00 Dan Lasko M/27 25:08:00 Debby Dixon F/30 25:22.7 Jackie Keeley F/31 25:23.0 Tom Furia M/32 25:23:65 Ed McErlean M/57 25:24:00 Dennis McGill M/30 25:25:00 Francis King M/35 25:26:00 Jim Berghaier M/61 2nd 60 and Above 25:42:00 John Smagula M/39 25:44:00 Willaim Donovan IV M/31 25:51:00 Jim Vanosten M/35 25:56:00 James Napier II M/22 26:06:00 Brian Duglisi M/28 26:15:00 Stephen Foy M/42 26:18:00 Edward Vassallo M/29 26:24:00 Tracy Dahms F/? 26:39:00 David Abecunas M/37 26:46:00 Bassam Alshehehabi M/31 26:57:00 Amy Glabicki F/33 27:03:00 Stephen Healy M/41 27:11:00 Brad McDermott M/16 3rd 19 and Under 27:12:00 John Palowski M/40 27:21:00 Brian deal M/46 27:26:00 Dan O'Neil M/22 27:29:00 Dennis Bonner M/60 3rd 60 and Above 27:30:00 Christina Sicilanomazza F/32 27:36:00 Kerry Brosan F/31 27:37:00 Phillip Steel Jr M/75 27:42:00 Dana Tete F/35 27:44:00 Tim Creelman M/54 27:47:00 Donna Regan F/29 2nd 20-29 27:53:00 Han Feeney M/23 27:55:00 Gina Felice F/23 3rd 20-29 27:56:00 Sheila Fanning F/26 27:57:00 Kristina McShea F/? 27:58:00 Rich Clancy M/42 28:01:00 Kathleen McGovern F/? 28:03:00 Paul Hosgood M/32 28:15:00 Ok Sun Hodges F/52 1st 50-59 28:20:00 Eric Poverick M/34 28:25:00 Jamie Wilson F/29 28:31:00 Thomas Hall M/44 28:36:00 Thomas Clemens M/31 28:37:00 Killian Feeney M/30 28:50:00 Jessica Jones F/29 28:51:00 Desiree Walsh F/39 29:15:00 Lisa Greco F/42 3rd 40-42 29:33:00 Bruce Kramer M/34 29:34:00 Kathy Quinn F/41 29:38:00 Ashley Quinn F/25 29:39:00 Michael Tomlinson M/53 29:50:00 Lauren Jaskiewicz F/30 30:01:00 Tara Mayer F/38 30:02:00 Robert Gurtcheff M/35 30:18:00 Rebecca Fairoath F/44 30:22:00 John Seipie M/38 30:24:00 Richard Jones M/37 30:27:00 Sean Tait M/33 30:28:00 Amy VanBuskick F/27 30:32:00 Dianna McKeever F/26 30:36:00 Charles Bingham M/53 30:37:00 Amanda Flanagan F/15 1st 19 and Under 30:42:00 Ray Flanagan M/42 31:00:00 Tricia Hayes F/37 31:01:00 Moira Fanning F/29 31:02:00 Jim Smith M/31 31:04:00 Charles Burckhardt M/31 31:28:00 Michael Ennis M/32 31:31:00 Kevin Caufield M/44 31:33:00 Ed Dixon M/33 31:35:00 James Mayey M/22 31:36:00 Joe Meenan M/31 31:42:00 Michael Meeman M/28 31:44:00 Emilia McKee F/24 31:45:00 Chrissy Harbison F/23 31:46:00 Patricia Semet F/20 31:59:00 Julie Ruddy F/33 32:02:00 Tricia Paffen F/22 32:19:00 Jane Bingham F/45 32:21:00 Monica McCrossan F/23 32:25:00 Christina Pfaff F/37 32:26:00 Amy Morgan F/31 32:44:00 Cheryl Hesson F/41 32:49:00 Jack Crawford M/60 32:50:00 Joe DeFelice M/32 32:51:00 Ed Zachwieja M/57 32:52:00 John McCann M/32 32:55:00 Megan Eroh F/37 33:00:00 Kristin McCafferty F/32 33:07:00 Pnimit Bhattacharya M/35 33:08:00 Runner #132 33:25:00 Chas Sgrillo M/68 33:28:00 Erin Eperthener F/32 33:42:00 Marilyn Meisenzahl F/47 34:00:00 Erin Quinn F/31 34:13:00 Kim Chiffens F/20 34:21:00 Michelle Ashley F/30 35:17:00 Maureen McGerry F/37 35:24:00 Erin Leary F/32 35:52:00 Ellen Zeo F/57 2nd 50-59 35:58:00 Maura O'Connell F/31 36:02:00 Nicole McPeak F/31 36:15:00 Korey Zehendek F/21 36:16:00 Coleen Vanosten F/36 36:37:00 Dan McCann M/34 37:50:00 Christina Moresi F/29 37:53:00 Regina Hiller F/52 3rd 50-59 39:31:00 John McGrody M/? (W) 40:30:00 Bob McCann M/62 (W) 40:32:00 Yvonne McCann F/63 (W) 1st 60 and Above 41:48:00 Mary Feeney F/36 41:50:00 Erin McGrody F/? 41:53:00 Wendy McGrody F/? 42:05:00 Elizabeth Berner F/35 42:06:00 Dot Dellorusso F/57 42:09:00 Eugene Jaskiewicz M/? (W) 42:11:00 Sue Levy F/69 2nd 60 and Above 43:47:00 Barbara Petrasovits F/? (W) 44:36:00 Chrisy Powell F/23 44:45:00 Donna Foley F/50 44:54:00 Robert Foley M/50 44:59:00 Joseph Rys M/39 45:01:00 Diana Shenault F/? 45:09:00 Clara Whitaker F/53 45:22:00 Mary Stoher F/? 45:23:00 Pam Diviny F/? 45:26:00 Michelle Chiffens F/? 45:28:00 Anne Lyons F/? 46:05:00 Bobbie Connolly M/55 46:37:00 Toni Fiorentino F/29 (w) 46:57:00 Tracey Chariton F/39 (W) 47:03:00 Deana Drobnick F/38 48:41:00 Sean Kirwin M/18 49:11:00 Liz Drobonick F/64 (W) 3rd 60 and Above 49:14:00 Mary McCann F/? 49:21:00 Patty Mansi F/? (W) 52:04:00 Marianne Nichols F/47 (W) 52:06:00 Laura Nichols F/24 (W) 53:32:00 Pam Gurtcheff F/? (w) 53:35:00 Christopher Pisienko M/9 54:09:00 Jennifer Pisiechico F/? (W) 55.45.98 Marie Matrone F/? (W) 55.55.39 Mary Lloyd F/18 (W) 2nd 19 and Under 56.44.78 Sue Lloyd F/44 (W) 1.00.29

Monday, May 10, 2010

2010 Mayfair "May Fair" and Fallen Heroes Run (Inline and Attached)

Mayfair Business Association

Contact:          Lisa Greco                                           FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Phone:             215-327-4756





Festivities Kick-Off At 7:30AM at Ryan Ave. and Sackett St.

 On Saturday May 15th, 2010


            The Mayfair Business Association "MBA" is excited to announce its Third annual "May Fair" festival along Frankford Ave and its Second annual "Mayfair Fallen Heroes Run".  Business Association President Mike "Scoats" Scotese, owner of the Grey Lodge, is excited to announce a new wrinkle to this year's May Fair with the incorporation of the 15th Police District's Advisory Council's (PDAC) Community Day at the triangle at Cottman and Frankford Aves. as well as the addition of multiple live bands and acoustic acts along the Avenue.  Scotese said, "I am proud that the PDAC has joined our efforts and we will have an abundance going on at the triangle as well as along Frankford Avenue.  The Fallen Heroes Run has become our lead off event and are excited to have the strong cooperation of Fire Fighters Union Local 22.  This May Fair Day is increasingly becoming the premier family fun day in Mayfair"


The day starts with our Second Annual Fallen Heroes Run and Walk.  All proceeds from this race will go to the Heroes Thrill Show as well as the rebuilding of the Mayfair Memorial Playground.  This year our association will celebrate the life of our very own Fallen Fire Fighter John Redmond, a longtime resident of Mayfair whose life was tragically cut short in the 1990s while battling a fire.  The race will kick-off at 8:30AM at Ryan and Sackett Sts where we will have a bagpiper and a vocalist before the many participants compete in our 5K run which is organized by the Northeast Roadrunners.  Mayfair Civic Association President, Joe DeFelice, who along with the MBA and the Mayfair CDC coordinate the run, stated, "This run has filled a much needed sporting void in our neighborhood. To be able to put together an event like this while celebrating the life of a true neighborhood hero like John Redmond is priceless."


The Third Annual May Fair will commence with the award presentation to the winners of the 5K followed by sidewalk sales, face paintings, fire engines, music, prizes, free giveaways, and a daylong festivities.  Free parking along Frankford Avenue will be provided by the Philadelphia parking Authority from 10AM to 4PM. 


These events are helping highlight an exciting year for Mayfair and are just another reason that Mayfair is a great place to live, work and play.


For more information on the Third Annual "May Fair" visit and for more information on the Second Annual Fallen Heroes Run visit[R1] 



Friday, May 07, 2010

Mayfair Townwatch

Visit the Townwatch's new blog at
Mayfair Civic Association

Reminder-Fallen Heroes Run

Mayfair Fallen Heroes Run Saturday May 15, 2010
830AM start
Preregister at
Joseph J DeFelice, Esq.
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