Tuesday, April 13, 2010

FW: Sir Rod This Saturday! Soul Cruisers Next Saturday!

Devon Theater
"Sir Rod" THIS SATURDAY, Apr. 17th! 
 "Soul Cruisers" NEXT SATURDAY, Apr. 24th!
Don't Miss Either One!

"Sir Rod" Rod Stewart Tribute

April 17 @ 8:00PM

Devon Theater Marquee

Tommy Edward as SIR ROD STEWART is in it's 14th year running. Tommy Edward has captured the wild hair, the sweet soulful raspy voice and the body language of the real Rod Stewart himself. Combining the image of Rod Stewart with contests, sing-alongs, fans onstage, balloons, freebees, family photos, costume changes, and a great band, Tommy Edward wins over the packed houses every night. 

Soul Cruisers

April 24 @ 8:00PM

Devon Theater Marquee

The Sensational Soul Cruisers are not just another 11-man vocal harmony group with horns. Fortunately for those of us that feel that the sound of classic Philly Soul, Motown, Disco, Stax, and the music of Earth, Wind & Fire, Chicago, and other such groups was and still is some of the best music ever recorded or played live, the Sensational Soul Cruisers will be performing for many years to come!

Rent the Marquee Room for your Next Event!

 The Marquee Room is a first-class VIP event viewing experience. Reserve it for an upcoming Devon event or for your next work, family, or social function!

Devon Theater Marquee

 ·        Approximately 1400sf of private event space
 ·        Skybox viewing w / 18 permanent leather seats
 ·        Additional seating available for up to a total of 35
 ·        Private Bar with optional Alcohol Packages
 ·        42 inch Hi-Def wall mounted television access
 ·        Private restrooms
 ·        Private elevator and stairway access
Call 215.338.6300 for more information!


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