Monday, February 08, 2010

Mayfair: A Neighborhood’s Hope for its Children - from Philadelphia Neighborhoods

February 7, 2010
Empty tables sit inside the dilapidated Mayfair Memorial Park.

The Mayfair Memorial Park – chained shut, empty and littered – doesn’t appear to be anything more than the reputation it has in Mayfair – a place for teenagers to get into trouble.

The Mayfair Civic Association hopes to transform the small park, dedicated to fallen firefighter John Redmond, into a family playground. One major obstacle, the $50,000 price tag for new equipment, stands in the association’s way.
“Right now we’re at $2,500,” said Joe …

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Mayfair residents are split over the blue light from

Mayfair residents are split over the blue light0



At the intersection of Cottman and Frankford avenues, high atop the street pole is a well-defined white police box that records daily activity.

Originally put up for safety reasons during the Phillies’ World Series before-and-after parties, the surveillance camera was used to aid the police in monitoring any suspicious or harmful conduct that the fans might have tried during the games.

To warn participants that they are being filmed, a constant, flashing blue strobe light pulses just above the white box.

Surprising news came to many Mayfair residents after the baseball season ended and they were told at their town watch meeting that the camera wasn’t coming down. This fact angered more than a few members.

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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A Tale of Two John Redmonds - From Philadelphia Neighborhoods Blog

A Tale of Two John Redmonds

In reporting on the Mayfair Memorial Park, and the Mayfair Civic Association's attempts to revive it, I was told by several people about John Redmond. A Mayfair resident and firefighter for the city, Redmond lost his life in a fire in South Philadelphia in 1994, I learned. Mayfair Memorial Park is dedicated to Redmond, and others who gave their lives in service to the community.

Redmond's legacy reverberates elsewhere in Mayfair, where a Fallen Heroes Run honors firefighters and police officers who have given their lives.

Joe DeFelice described Redmond as having been "a neighborhood guy" who was active in the community...For more of the Story go here Philadelphia Neighborhoods Blog