Friday, January 29, 2010

Four Great Concerts Coming Up at The Devon

Devon Theater
Four Great Concerts Coming Up at The Devon!

"The Glimmer Twins" Rolling Stones Tribute - Feb. 26, 8:00 PM

Remaining Ticket Quantities Very Limited - Act Quickly!

Devon Theater Marquee
Because of the uncanny resemblances to Mick Jagger & Keith Richards in their prime coupled with the special attention given to the minutest details both musically and visually, The Glimmer Twins are a cut above all other tribute bands on the circuit today.
Also, check out opening act AJ Slick and Soul to Soul, which revises the red hot blues of Stevie Ray Vaughan!

"Ballina" Irish-American Band - March 5, 8:00 PM

Devon Theater Marquee
Known for their closeness with each other, and chemistry with their audiences, Ballina connects with their blend of Irish and American ballads, rebel, and drinking songs. Playing everything from traditional to U2 to Johnny Cash to original compositions, this is a band that puts their heart into every performance, whether playing to their loyal fan base or to a brand new audience.

"Annmarie O'Riordan" Traditional Irish Singer - March 13, 7:30 PM

Devon Theater MarqueeAnnmarie O'Riordan, a talented 20 year old from Milstreet, Co. Cork, Ireland, has taken the Irish singing world by storm! Having made her first recording at the young age of 12, she has just released her third CD "Ireland-Love of My Heart". Similar to her first two CD's, her newest CD features songs in English and Irish, with both traditional and popular appeal. She will win your heart with such songs as "When New York Was Irish", "Caledonia" and "Erin Gra Mo Chroi". Annmarie has a voice for all ages and is sure to charm both young and old in this very special concert.

"Memories of Elvis" Starring Vince DeBlasis and the TCE Band - March 20, 7:00 PM

Back by Popular Demand!

Devon Theater MarqueeSpend the night with the King! "Memories of Elvis" features Vince DeBlasis as the King of Rock-n-Roll plus a live 7-piece band. There are two amazing sets per show. Each set is unique including exact replica suits worn by Elvis. Each will also feature a variety of Elvis "In Concert" era sets - plus some surprises! All the shows will include hit and rare musical gems. Don't miss this royal tribute to the King!

Coming Soon to The Devon:

Comedy Night - Featuring "I Forgot My Keys" Comedy Troupe
Sir Rod - "Rod Stewart" Tribute
An Evening of Broadway Songs- featuring Angela Lynn Pomo

Don't Forget, You Can Use Your Devon Dollars for All of These Great Events!

Come to the box office to redeem Devon Dollars.

Call 215.338.6300 for more information.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mayfair Town Watch hosts PSA2 meeting

Mayfair Town Watch hosts PSA2 meeting0

Lt. Bugieda of the 15th District introduces four officer, with more than 20 years of experience among them.

Lt. Bugieda of the 15th District introduces four officer, with more than 20 years of experience among them.

In honor of the Philadelphia Police Department’s PSA Week, Mayfair Town Watch hosted one of several meetings in the Northeast last night.

More than 15 people, six police officers, two politicians and other town watch presidents came together at the John Perzel Community Center Wednesday night to host a meeting for the 15th District’s Police Service Area 2.

Just one of many PSA meetings throughout the region, the purpose was to bring together all factions of the community — residents, business owners, police officers and elected officials — to unite the neighborhoods in the hopes of improving them.

“We want to stabilize neighborhoods,” Lt. Bugieda, who oversees PSA2, said. “[The community] plays a critical role there.”

In the video below, Bugieda lists the boundaries of the District’s PSA zones.

With last night’s meeting being the first of the monthly PSA gatherings, Bugieda said the plan is to start slow and small, and incorporate training sessions to help police and residents work out their communication problems. The general goal, he explained, is to target a problem, find out why that problem is occurring and create a plan to solve it efficiently.

“I’m stoked about the system,” Town Watch President John Vearling said. “And I’m 100 percent convinced the council people will be behind us.”

Councilman-at-large Bill Greenlee was on hand to pledge his support, assuring his office is there to “help in any way it can.”

Also at the meeting was Lt. Thomas Hyes, of Police Commissioner Ramsey’s executive staff. Hyers said the PSAs are all about “ownership of the neighborhood.” Residents and businesses owners who cultivate a thriving community will encourage others to do the same.


Lt. Thomas Hyers of the Police Commissioner's executive staff explains advances coming to the 15th District.

As for the police, Hyers said, officers who patrol the same area every shift — as they’re meant to in the PSA system — will also feel that sense of ownership on their beats. The more people who become connected to an area and to one another, the better off the neighborhood will be.

Following speeches from police, Town Watch board members and the elected officials, residents took part in a Q&A, bringing up concerns and offering one another solutions.

By the end of the nearly two hour meeting, interests were piqued, morale was high and plans for the first roundtable disscussion were already underway.

As Vearling told those in attendance: “It starts and ends with you.”

Mayfair Civic Update re:

Mayfair Civic Association talks fundraisers, zoning and more1

The logo for the Fallen Heroes Run, as designed by Mike Ennis. The 5K one among many topics at last night's Mayfair Civic Association meeting.

The logo for the Fallen Heroes Run, as designed by Mike Ennis. The 5K one among many topics at last night's Mayfair Civic Association meeting.

Members of the Mayfair Civic Association came together last night to update residents on pressing topics, like plans to rebuild Mayfair Memorial Playground, the Fallen Heroes Run and four recent zoning issues.

With little more than four months until the annual Fallen Heroes Run, Civic Association President Joe De Felice is pushing for funding to rebuild the playground off of Rowland Avenue at Lincoln High School, which is currently set for groundbreaking following the run.

The first phase of door-to-door fundraising at homes and business yielded $2,000, and Home Depot will donate $5,000 in store credit for materials. But with a $50,000 goal in mind, De Felice is thinking outside the box. He’s already applied submitted an application to KaBOOM!, an organization that helps communities build playgrounds through volunteerism. Next, he said, he’ll apply with Boundless Playgrounds, a similar company that focuses on special-needs equipment.

Also lying in wait is a bond given to the 1958 organization Mayfair Improvement Association. Now worth more than $3,000, the bond has been awarded to the Civic Association, as approved by a member of the old Improvement Association, which had the same basic goals of the current civic group.

But De Felice acknowledge the significant amount of money still needed, saying: “We’re not where I thought we’d be.” He said he still hopes to have a groundbreaking at the end of the May 15 Fallen Heroes Run.

The annual run will honor firefighter John Redmond, who lost his life in 1994. Mayfair CDC Executive Director Brian Patrick King said he expects at least 300 people at the 5K event, which includes a bagpiper, national anthem and foods like pretzels and water ice.

No civic meeting would be complete without zoning issues, and Mayfair is no exception. De Felice mentioned three, which the board had previously voted on, but focused last night on the lots the Civic Association is selling.As detailed at a September meeting, the association is selling lots in an effort to liquidate and start fresh as the Civic Association of Mayfair — complete with a new bank account.

The lots, which comprise the triangle behind the 3400-block of Cottman Avenue, the 3400–block of Ryan Avenue and the 7300-block of Crispin Street, were first sold to interested owners of the adjacent homes. With 11 sales so far, and little interest from the neighbors to take over more, the Civic Association will begin offering the properties to nearby homeowners on other blocks, and then to random buyers, with the purpose of breaking even on the $6,800 in surveying costs.

De Felice said the plots, which were owned under the association’s previous president, are “becoming a headache.” He offered Mayfair Town Watch President John Vearling a deed — provided there are leftovers — to be used to store a radar machine, which the Town Watch is acquiring from the former Civic Association president.

On a final note, De Felice brought up the upcoming Shamrock Shuttle and Erin Express events, and attendees tossed around ideas to keep the neighborhood safe and clean during and after the popular bar-hopping events. Though De Felice and some Business Association members agreed their “backs are against the wall time-wise for this year,” last-minute plans include increased town watch patrols, hiring off-duty police officers and asking bar owners to help fund the cleanup.

The meeting was adjourned within an hour, with plans for the next public meeting to be held Tuesday, March 30 The board members will meet next month to review zoning issues.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Glimmer Twins at the Devon

Saturday February 26, 2010 8PM
Rolling Stones Tribute
Devon Theater Box Office
6319 Frankford Ave

Friday, January 15, 2010

PSA Townwatch Meeting

A message from townwatch President John Vearling and Lieutenant Bogieda PSA coordinator:

You are invited to a" MEET and GREET"
Hosted by the 15th Police District PSA#2 TEAM and the MAYFAIR TOWNWATCH

Do you live, work or a business leader in Mayfair- Tacony - Wissinoming?
The purpose of this meeting is to build a partnership between police and the community as well as concerned citizens. The POLICE PSA team will work with residents, civic, community organizations, churches, schools and elected officials to design and implement problem solving strategies. We will be documenting your concerns and suggestions for future roundtable discussions to resolve these issues in our neighborhood. We are all after the same goals; through cooperation we can achieve our goals-"A GREAT COMMUNITY"
Please join us at the JOHN M. PERZEL COMMUNITY CENTER at 7:00 P.M. on Wednesday 20th of January. Remember the goal is to improve Philadelphia by keeping our neighborhoods safe and secure.


Lieutenant Bogieda PSA coordinator

John Vearling President Mayfair Townwatch
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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Meeting dealing with what is going on with the Old Lincoln Building

What: Meeting dealing with what is going on with the Old Lincoln Building When: Tuesday, January 26, 2010 7:00 PM Where: John M. Perzel Community Center St. Vincent and Battersby Sts. Philadelphia, PA 19149 Presenters are going to explain what is going on with the Old Lincoln High School Building and will be taking questions. Learn more here:

Monday, January 11, 2010

Mayfair Memorial Playground Meeting

Announcing a new Meetup for Mayfair! What: Mayfair Memorial Playground Meeting When: Tuesday, January 26, 2010 6:30 PM Where: John M. Perzel Community Center St. Vincent and Battersby Sts. Philadelphia, PA 19149 We will be meeting to follow up on the status of the playground - this meeting takes place approx 1 half hour before the civic meeting - we are still waiting to hear back from Home Depot as well as the Senators office in regard to the treasury bond Learn more here:

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Mayfair Townwatch Meeting this week

Our first town watch meeting, of the New Year, will be on Wednesday, January 6th, in the Perzel Center at 7:00p.m. 
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