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Wednesday, December 02, 2009


MCj02320630000[1]MMj02836780000[1]Rebuild Mayfair Memorial Playground

At Vista & Rowland Avenues (Lincoln High School)

Phone: 267-331-4334

Mailing Address: c/o Mayfair CDC, The Perzel Community Center2990 St. Vincent St.,

Philadelphia, PA 19149


Dear Neighbor:

The Friends of Mayfair Memorial Playground are rebuilding our beloved playground. The old equipment was removed by the School District due to deterioration. Our goal is to have brand new equipment in place by Spring 2010, including a section for special needs children. We are actively looking for contributions with a minimum goal of $50,000. Please help the children by donating towards this goal. Donations can be sent to Friends of Mayfair Memorial Playground, c/o Mayfair CDC, The Perzel Community Center, 2990 St. Vincent Street, Philadelphia, PA 19149. Checks payable to Mayfair CDC with Playground on Memo Line.

This Playground was previously dedicated in honor of Fallen Fire Fighter John J. Redmond

Either drop off this envelope or mail a new one to The Friends of Mayfair Memorial Playground, c/o Mayfair CDC, The Perzel Community Center,

2990 St. Vincent St., Philadelphia, PA 19149. All donations are Tax Deductible. Please email us, at the above, if you would like to receive updates or join our efforts.

Donor’s Name: Address:


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