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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Zoning Email - 3200 Block of Teesdale St

Cal No: 9988
Location: 3251 Teesdale Street
R-9A Residential‬
Permit: 1 Use‬
Construction/Use: Permit for a (2) family dwelling‬

Ms McKinney
Please accept this email as the Mayfair Civic Association's opposition to the above referenced property. We have never heard from the owner as to his plans for the property. Also, as is custom in Mayfair, we are against changing single dwellings to duplexes as it creates an opportunity for absentee landlordism which is not the type of business we are looking to attract. Finally, when we were notified that the applicant was going for a variance, we promptly contacted him at the number listed on the application and never heard back. Therefore, we ask that you deny their application or at least, in the alternative, grant a continuance so that the owner can bring the Civic Association up to speed as they neglected to take any proper steps prior.
Please note, that this body was notified at 9:25am that this hearing was at 9:30am.
Thank you
Joe DeFelice
Pres., Mayfair Civic Association