Friday, November 13, 2009

November 24th, 2009 Agenda

Mayfair Civic Agenda:
Zoning: Wit or Witout CheesesteaksCal
No: 9989
Location: 7352 Frankford Avenue C-2 Com
Permit: 1 Zone 1 CertConstruction/Use: Permit/Cert for the legalization of a (1) story addition connecting an existing (2) story building and a (1) story garage and for the extension of an existing take-out restaurant into the addition and garage in the same building with an existing single family dwelling.
Update on the sale of the Lot
Playground Committee:
Mayfair Fallen Heroes Run:
Zoning Update:
ESK Financial
Neelam's Coffee
Fairway Corporation
Gallery Homestore
Uncle Rich's Old Fashioned. Water Ice
Interim Appointments
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