Friday, November 14, 2014

Mayfair Memorial Playground Fundraiser at Modells

We are so EXCITED about our next fundraiser!!!! Do you have sports fanatics on your holiday shopping lists? Want to help the Mayfair Memorial Playground reach our fundraising goals to purchase new equipment? A portion of the sales at ANY Modell's location between Black Friday and Christmas will go to the Mayfair Memorial Playground! Share the coupon with ALL your friends and co-workers, please!! Coupon is valid from 11/28/14 to 12/25/14 and must be presented at the time of purchase. Thank you SO MUCH for helping us make this a HUGE success!! Now get shopping!!! :)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mayfair Civic Association Meeting

Mayfair Civic Association Meeting
Monday November 17th 2014 - 7PM - Mayfair Community Center
  • Pledge of Allegiance - (Please silence all cell phones)
  • Officers Present
President - Donny Smith
Vice President - Kevin Leonard
Secretary - Michael Serverson
Treasurer / Clean Up & Membership Chair - Jim Ortlieb
Sgt. at Arms - John Jenkins
Asst. Sgt. at Arms - Joe Conboy
Legal Counsel / CDC & Zoning Chair - Joe DeFelice
Asst. Zoning Chair - Dan Collins
Town Watch President - Anna Stacey
Mayfair Business Assoc. - Lisa Greco
Mayfair Memorial Playground Co. Chairs - Dana Lambie, Mia Hylan, & Melinda Mulvenna
  • Treasurer's Report
Announcements / Updates
·       Membership - (Must reside within Civic boundaries) - $10 per year / $40 - 5 year / $100 - Lifetime - Applications available at the rear or online at
·       Mayfair Community Development Corporation Update
·       Mayfair Overlay Update
·       Mayfair Business Association Update
·       Mayfair Town Watch Update - New Dog Walker Watch Program +
·       Mayfair Memorial Playground Update - Spooktacular
·       Mayfair Halloween Decoration Contest - Winners - 2800 Fanshaw - 3345 Glenview - 3251 Friendship - Thanks to Mayfair Business Association for prize donations!
·       Mayfair Christmas Decoration Contest - Submit nominations to or at Mayfair Civic Association on Facebook. Judges start on December 12th and Prizes will be awarded on or about December 21st to the Top 3. Check daily for map of updated entries
·       Mayfair / Holmesburg Thanksgiving Parade - Sunday November 23rd (THIS Sunday) starting at noon
·       Live Nativity - Saturday December 20th at Lambie Funeral Home (8000 Rowland ave) from 4pm-6pm
1.  Alonzo Coates - 2000 McKinley St. 19149 - Seeking a zoning variance to convert a pre-existing garage located behind a triplex into a commercial food prep kitchen
2.  Thomas Citro - 2901 Cottman ave. - To convert from a single family home to a duplex.
Current Members of the Mayfair Civic Association have the following three (3) voting options
1.     Opposed – Denying the applicant from getting zoning approval 
2.     Not Opposed with Provisos – Granting permission for the applicant to gain zoning approval with Provisos (Detailed below which may be added to if necessary) 
3.     Not Opposed – Granting the applicant zoning permission with No Provisos
Business / Commercial Provisos
1.       Join and maintain Membership within the Mayfair Business Association
2.       The outside of your establishment must be kept clean, maintained, graffiti free, and swept at all times
3.       Signage to be kept to a minimum 
  • No nailing of banners to the walls
  • No excessive signage in the windows (all windows should be easily seen through at all times)
  • Grand Opening signs, flags, garland, streamers etc to be removed within 30 days of store opening
4.       Add and maintain an outdoor trashcan
5.       Snow removal to be done within 6 hours of the storm, and during business hours
6.       Contact information (Name - Phone Number - Email) to be provided to the Mayfair Civic Association for the tenant, as well as the property owner / landlord, and property manager
7.       Notify the MCA and Mayfair Business Association that you are seeking new hires and hire within the community if possible
Residential Provisos 
1.     Join and maintain Membership with the Mayfair Civic Association
2.     The outside of your establishment must be kept clean, maintained, graffiti free, and swept at all times
3.     Snow removal to be done within 6 hours of the storm
4.     Contact information (Name - Phone Number - Email) to be provided to the Mayfair Civic Association for the owner, as well as property manager

1.  Shefit Koboci - Philadelphia Water Department to discuss project at Farnsworth and Robbins

Open Discussion

Wrap Up - If anyone would like to get more involved with the Civic, we could use volunteers! Please introduce yourself after the meeting or via email - Thank you!

Facebook - "Like" us on Facebook to stay current - Mayfair Civic Association

Next Meeting - Monday January 19 th - 7pm - Mayfair Community Center
Meetings are held every 3rd Monday of odd months ( Jan - March - May - Sept - Nov)

Mayfair Christmas Village and Tree Lighting Sunday December 7, 2014

2013 Grand Marshalls

Mayfair Christmas Village
Sunday December 7, 2014
Cottman and Frankford Aves.

Come celebrate the Christmas Season in the neighborhood at our annual Christmas Village and Tree Lighting with Crafts, toys, Craft Beer, Live Music, Food Vendors. We will also be presenting Allegheny Iron & Metal Co Inc with a "Thank You" Plaque at 12:30. The tree lighting will immediately follow the Village with a special switch designed by Frank Mifflin where the Mayfair Holmesburg Thanksgiving Parade Grand Marshalls Buddy Gouger and the crew from Holmesburg Bakery will light the tree. 

If you would like to become a vendor, please email Ruthanne Madway at

Thanks again to Mayfair Tree (located in Twistee Treat lot) for donating this years Neighborhood tree.

Vendor list will be updated shortly.

Live Nativity at Lambie Funeral Home

Saturday December 20, 2014
Lambie Funeral Home
8000 Rowland Ave

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Mayfair: Oteri’s Italian Bakery Opens Mayfair Location

Mayfair: Oteri’s Italian Bakery Opens Mayfair Location

Mayfair: Oteri’s Italian Bakery Opens Mayfair Location
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image5You’ve probably seen her on TLC Network’s “Cake Boss” or maybe tasted one of her luscious pastries. She’s Lisa Oteri, owner ofOteri’s Italian Bakery, which has been in her family for four generations.
Oteri’s great-grandparents originally opened Oteri’s in Hoboken, New Jersey in 1904, after emigrating from Sicily, Italy. Over time, the Oteri brand expanded from one store in Hoboken with a few employees, to five different locations in Roxborough, Southwest Philadelphia, Franklin Mills, Olney and the recently opened Mayfair location.
In September, Oteri’s opened a new location in Mayfair at Frankford Avenue and Oakmont Street. Lisa Oteri said business has been booming, even on Mondays, when she explained most bakeries would be closed due to a typically slow business day.
“We chose to open a location on Frankford Avenue, because we have a big following in the Northeast,” said Oteri. “Now everyone from around here doesn’t have to go to our [North] Fifth Street location to get our pastries.”
Oteri’s Italian Bakery specializes in exclusive cakes, pastries, cookies, cannolis and other sweets. Oteri said about 300-400 specially made cakes are sold on Saturdays alone. The main bakery and distributor for the other shops is at the North Fifth Street location, which also serves as a deli that caters sandwiches.

Mayfair: Northeast Philadelphia Town Watch Groups Form Dog Walker Watch Program

Mayfair: Northeast Philadelphia Town Watch Groups Form Dog Walker Watch Program

Mayfair: Northeast Philadelphia Town Watch Groups Form Dog Walker Watch Program
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John Farrell visited a Mayfair Memorial Park and spoke about the safety of the neighborhood.For months, residents and leaders of Mayfair and other communities in Northeast Philadelphia have been fighting for a split of the 15th Police District. Mayfair residents, like John Farrell (right), expressed their concern about the lack of police in the area. Instead of a split, the district received 30 new police officers. In the absence of police presence, frustrated residents decided it was time to take matters into their own hands. The Mayfair Town Watch was organized to help deter criminal activity in the neighborhood.
Anna Stacey (above), now president of the organization, was part of the initial group of neighbors to form the Mayfair Town Watch. She says she has already seen some improvements in the community with the addition of the offers. But thinks it is still important that the Town Watch remain active and visible.
The most recent initiative to get residents involved is the Dog Walker Watch program.
“Aside from having certified members of Town Watch, we wanted to come up with something that would get people involved on a different level,” said Stacey.

Mayfair: Community Involvement Makes Bella Lisa Hair Studio a Success

Mayfair: Community Involvement Makes Bella Lisa Hair Studio a Success

Mayfair: Community Involvement Makes Bella Lisa Hair Studio a Success
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Lisa Greco (above) has lived in Northeast Philadelphia her whole life. And for 16 years, she has been a Mayfair business owner. Greco owns Bella Lisa Hair Studio on Cottman Avenue, near Frankford Avenue.
She has been a hairstylist for more than 20 years.
“I always knew I wanted to be hairdresser, since I was probably about six,” said Greco. “You know when you’re in kindergarten and they say, ‘What do you want to do when you grow up?’ I always said a hairdresser.”

Mayfair: 30 New Officers Added To the 15th District Not Enough?

Mayfair: 30 New Officers Added To the 15th District Not Enough?

Mayfair: 30 New Officers Added To the 15th District Not Enough?
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Residents in Philadelphia’s 15th District, the busiest district in the city, can now breathe a sigh of relief because 30 new officers have been added to assist in reduction of crime in the area.
The district polices the neighborhoods of Wissonoming, Tacony, Bridesburg, Holmesburg, Frankford and Mayfair.
In 2013, the 15th district led the city with 1,720 thefts, 1,095 thefts from motor vehicles, 836 burglaries, 672 robberies and 571 aggravated assaults reported.
Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 2.01.42 PM
The 2nd and 15th Police District Headquarters, located at Harbison Ave and Levick St. Philadelphia, PA 19149
Hundreds of signatures were signed on councilman Bobby Henon’s website pressing the Philadelphia Police Department for a split of the district.
Not everyone thinks that simply adding new officers will be the long-term the solution.
Mayfair Community Development Corporation president Donny Smith and chairman Joe DeFelice really pushed for the district to be split instead due to the prolonged police response times that even John McCloskey, captain of the 15th district, admitted would take over an hour on some occasions.
DeFelice credits Smith for his actions of forcing the issue to the PPD.
“You got to credit Donny our president on this one, said DeFelice. “He really responded to the community and wants the residents to feel safer.”

Thursday, October 30, 2014

WINNERS for the 2014 Mayfair Halloween Decoration Contest

And the WINNERS for the '2014 Mayfair Halloween Decoration Contest' are (in no particular order):

2800 Fanshaw
3345 Glenview
3251 Friendship - (2nd year winner)

The Top 10 Best Decorated Homes in Mayfair were (in no particular order):
6340 / 42 Crafton
3458 Friendship
3251 Friendship
3501 Sheffield
2944 Princeton
2800 Fanshaw
3014 Knorr
3345 Glenview
3142 St. Vincent 
3249 Friendship

Congratulations to all - It was CLOSE!!!

Since we don't do a 1st 2nd and 3rd here in Mayfair, all three are equal winners as all three have done an outstanding job of decorating their homes this year!

Tonight starting at 8:00, a team will be arriving at each winning home and will be presenting them with their prizes, and their Official Lawn Sign's indicating that they are indeed - '2014 Mayfair Halloween Decoration Contest Winners'!

A Very Very special Thank You to our Mayfair Business Association Members who have donated the prizes for this years contest!

They have been extremely generous with their prizes for this contest, they believe in our neighbors and our neighborhood, and each and every one of them would like to see our neighborhood continue to thrive and succeed so Please, show them your support!
This is the second time that we have done a contest like this and needless to say, it has been a huge success! We had just shy of 40 homes nominated this year, and well over 1300 views (and growing) on our Google Map!

It is important to remember that this contest has been a success because we came together as a community, and each and every one of us has participated in one way or another. NONE of this would have been possible without the homeowners going all out and doing an amazing job of decorating their homes, without nominations from our homeowners and neighbors, without our Mayfair Business Association donating the prizes and creating the map, and without the Mayfair Civic Association organizing the event and putting it all together. Working together as a community, we can continue to shine a positive light on our neighborhood, and we can continue to show that Mayfair is indeed a Great Place to Visit, and an Awesome Place to Live!

Thank you all!

Up next - The first ever 'Mayfair Christmas Decoration Contest' - Start planning now gang - It's gonna be AWESOME!!

Donny Smith
Mayfair Civic Association
President"Mayfair - 
 An Awesome Place to Live!"

Monday, October 27, 2014

Passing of Scott Cummings, Past President Mayfair Civic Association/15th PDAC

We regret to inform you of the passing of Scott Cummings.  Scott was a proud Mayfairian who previously served as President of the Mayfair Civic Association and the 15th District Police District Advisory Council (PDAC) amongst other area endeavors.  Scott leaves behind his wife Vicki and 4 children (Lindsay, Cody, John Scott and Logan).  Services will be private.  If we get anymore details we will post them.  Scott cared deeply about his family and his City and will truly be missed.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

NE TImes: Halloween Spook-tacular event to be held Saturday in Mayfair

Halloween Spook-tacular event to be held Saturday in Mayfair

The May­fair Busi­ness As­so­ci­ation is pro­mot­ing the third an­nu­al Spook-tacu­lar, which will take place on Sat­urday, Oct. 25, from 10 a.m. to noon at May­fair Me­mori­al Play­ground, at Row­land Av­en­ue and Vista Street.
The rain date is Sunday, Oct. 26.
The event is geared to­ward kids un­der 10. The cost is $3 per child.
Kids are en­cour­aged to wear their Hal­loween cos­tumes. They will have the chance to dec­or­ate a pump­kin, play Hal­loween-themed games and col­lect candy from spon­sors’ tables.
Baked goods and T-shirts will be for sale.
Pro­ceeds will be­ne­fit May­fair Me­mori­al Play­ground.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Philadelphia Neighborhoods: Mayfair: Putting Used Goods To Good Use

Mayfair: Putting Used Goods To Good Use

Mayfair: Putting Used Goods To Good Use
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At first glance, the interior of The Camouflage Rhino looks and feels just like any other thrift store you may have visited. Racks of clothing, second-hand furniture and various used appliances fill the sales floor. However, after learning about the store’s mission, these items suddenly have a noble purpose.
The Camouflage Rhino employs area vets through a jobs program and 96 cents of every dollar it brings in goes directly to the Veterans Multi-Service Center in Philadelphia.
Everything sold at the store directly benefits area vets.
Everything sold at the store directly benefits area vets.
The idea for the store originated when the VMC was trying to find a better method of storing and offering donated items.
“There was a need down at the center,” said Rose Mcgee said, the manager of the store and the jobs program. “We were getting donations for veterans but we couldn’t process them and easily get them to the veterans that needed them.”
In spite of the store’s innovative model of making the goods available to vets while also being open for sales to the public, it has struggled financially. McGee explained that is a major hurdle that the store has been facing since it opened in 2013.
“We only made money one month so far,” McGee said. “If you look at it over the 15 months that we have been here, we haven’t made money at all yet.”
Rose McGee handles daily operations within the store.
Rose McGee handles daily operations at The Camouflage Rhino.
One of the issues the store is dealing with is that the signage out front still bares the name of the previous tenant, The Tangerine Rhino. Without a proper storefront sign, passersby and Mayfair residents have no way of knowing about the causes the store supports.
“Because we haven’t made money, we have not been able to get signage or advertise the store,” McGee said. “It would help us make more money but we just don’t have it right now.”
Fortunately, there is potential assistance available to the store. The Mayfair Community Development Corporation has approached them concerning a match grant program available to businesses in the neighborhood. The grant would alleviate some of the costs and allow the store to make exterior improvements.
“We are working with the Mayfair CDC so once we have our part of the money we can get the signage,” McGee said. “We are also hoping to do a mural on the side of the building and have rooftop billboards put up.”
To make a donation or find out more about the Camouflage Rhino, call 267-731-6733 or visit the store located at 7126 Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia.

PhiladelphiaNeighborhoods:Mayfair: Five Frankford Avenue Newcomers

Mayfair: Five Frankford Avenue Newcomers

Mayfair: Five Frankford Avenue Newcomers
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It’s impossible to talk about Northeast Philadelphia without mentioning Frankford Avenue. Known to Mayfair insiders as The Avenue, Frankford Avenue was once a thriving business district in the heart of Northeast Philadelphia. Residents recall a time when Frankford Avenue was filled with retail shops, theaters and restaurants. Since then, businesses have come and gone. A surge of empty storefronts left residents wondering if The Avenue would every return to its former glory. But if the recent openings of new shops is any indication, Frankford Avenue will experience a revival soon enough. Here are five businesses that have recently opened on and near Frankford Avenue.
Sisters Consignment
Three sisters, and Mayfair natives, decided it was time to give Frankford Avenue a bit more style. Michele Lorimer, Melissa Zavatsky and Amanda Schneider opened Sisters Consignment (pictured above) in May 2014. The boutique sells high-end designer clothing and jewelry at affordable prices. The women remember when Frankford Avenue was a thriving retail mecca and hope their boutique (at Frankford Avenue and St. Vincent Street) will be the beginning of a return to that time. They consider their boutique to be “a consignment shop with an upscale twist.” Visitors should expect to find a variety of brands including Michael Kors and Dolce & Gabbana.
Inkwell 215 artists Evan Clark and Matt Solomon create custom designs for clients while Mike Nemo looks on .
The Inkwell 215 Custom Tattoo Studio
Gone are the days of tattoo parlors in dark alleys and artists with poor hygiene and questionable pasts. Tattooing is recognized as an art form. And tattoo parlors have transformed into elaborate studios that display the unique talents of the artists. In May 2014, Mike Nemo opened The Inkwell 215 Custom Tattoo Studio (at Frankford Avenue and Tudor Street). A Mayfair native, Nemo creates custom designs and piercings for clients. He also takes pride in having other Mayfair residents on staff as artists.  Each artist is known for their unique style, allowing clients endless ways to customize their creation. Nemo says his studio has been well received by residents and neighboring businesses.
Mayfair and Holmesburg residents are enjoying Commonwealth Kitchen's fresh food that's cooked to order.
Commonwealth Kitchen
In June 2014, Mike Biase and Chris Moynihan opened this local eatery. The duo wanted to offer residents good food using fresh ingredients and a hip, yet comfortable, atmosphere.Commonwealth Kitchen (at Frankford Avenue and Rhawn Street) serves everything from pizza and wings to hand-cut poutine fries topped with Wisconsin cheese curds. And with football season underway, the restaurant serves a 6-foot hoagie that’s perfect for parties.